‘Take it slowly and cautiously.’ Piers Morgan has been warned by Kirstie Allsopp over the Tom Daley article.


‘Take it slowly and cautiously.’ Piers Morgan has been warned by Kirstie Allsopp over the Tom Daley article.

Piers Morgan has been warned by Kirstie Allsopp to “tread carefully” after he published a photo of Tom Daley knitting at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and claimed he wasn’t enjoying himself.

Piers Morgan, 56, shared a photo of Tom Daley, 27, knitting during yesterday’s women’s springboard diving final on Twitter. “People criticized me for stating nobody cares about these Olympics,” he tweeted, referring to his 7.9 million followers (for reasons beyond control of the athletes).

“This is Tom Daley knitting throughout the final of the women’s 3m diving. “I submit my case.”

Kirstie, 49, who questioned his article, has now given a warning: “Is Piers knocking knitting?

“I only ask because I know that knitters are a force to be reckoned with, and that I once said there were more intriguing things to knit than socks, much to my detriment.


“He must proceed with caution.”

Meghan Markle was criticized by Jeremy Clarkson for “imagining fairytale life.”

Kirstie went on to explain that she wasn’t sure what Piers was trying to communicate, adding, “God alone knows, being in another solar system is so beyond me.”

“Man competes like a top athlete, which necessitates a significant amount of sacrifice.

“Man discovers a method for calming nerves in between sessions. The other man dismisses it.”

The gold medalist diver has long enjoyed knitting and crocheting, and he even fashioned his own purse to keep his gold medal secure.

Last week, he and Matty Lee won gold in the synchronized 10 meter platform.

One person responded to her post by saying, “He’s knocking Tom Daley, not the knitting, but knowing Tom, he probably does think Tom is a loser for doing it.”

She said, “Well, the knitters will unite around Tom.”

Piers has previously criticized the Olympics and advocated for their cancellation.

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“Nobody cares about these covid-ravaged Olympics,” he wrote on July 25.

“I pity all of the athletes who are still pursuing their Olympic dreams, but that is the cruel reality.

“And great champions like @adam peaty are well aware of it. It should have been postponed or canceled altogether.”

The former Good Morning Britain host also made headlines when he tweeted that bronze and silver medals aren’t being awarded.

“I don’t,” he tweeted. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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