Sylvie Brett Gets a Big Break on ‘Chicago Fire,’ and Matt Casey Might Be Leaving for Good


Sylvie Brett Gets a Big Break on ‘Chicago Fire,’ and Matt Casey Might Be Leaving for Good

A couple of the characters in Chicago Fire were shown in situations when they had to make important judgments. Hawkins mulls over whether or not to accept Sylvie’s paramedicine program, Casey mulls over what to do with Griffin and Ben, and Eric and Darren assess their relationship to see if it’s worth keeping. Continue reading to find out what occurred in Season 10 Episode 4 (“The Right Thing”) of Chicago Fire.

This article contains spoilers for Season 10 Episode 4 (“The Right Thing”) of Chicago Fire.

Sylvie Brett lands a major role.

At work, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is under a lot of stress. Hawkins will have to approve her paramedicine program.

He informs her that he wants to witness her in action before making a judgment, so he shadows her on the job.

Sylvie’s first call, unfortunately, does not go well.

An overdose is occurring in a drug addict.

He grabs a knife from his boot and threatens Sylvie after being given Narcan. She calms him down and removes his knife, but the situation was still not ideal. Sylvie was supposed to undertake a full weapons check, but she failed to notice the knife in his boot. She also didn’t follow the regulations when it came to administering Narcan.

Hawkins approves Sylvie’s paramedicine program for six months despite her mistakes. He also gives her an old ambulance, which she can use to respond to emergency calls. Hawkins plans to make the initiative permanent if it is a success.

Is Matt Casey on his way out of ‘Chicago Fire’?

Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) late best friend Andy Darden’s boys, Ben and Griffin, are in need of assistance. While their mother is in jail, Griffin has been trying to care for his brother and the family home, but things are falling apart.

Casey flies to Oregon and spends a few days with the brothers to look after them. When he visits their school to speak with the guidance counselor, he discovers that the boys are in danger of being placed in separate foster homes.

Casey wants to return to Chicago with the boys, but their guidance counselor believes it’s a poor idea.

Casey informs Herrmann about his trip when he returns to Chicago. He reveals, “The lads aren’t doing so well.” “They’re on their own in the world, with no one to assist them or lift them up.” He then claims that he needs to relocate to Oregon in order to care for the boys.

Casey hasn’t made it to… Brinkwire Entertainment’s latest update.


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