Sylvia Weinstock had a husband, but who was he? At the age of 91, the queen of opulent wedding cakes has passed away.


Sylvia Weinstock had a husband, but who was he? At the age of 91, the queen of opulent wedding cakes has passed away.

Mariah Carey, Billy Joe, Sofia Vergara, and Ivanka Trump were among the celebrities who enlisted the services of one of the world’s most in-demand cake makers, who died at the age of 91.

Sylvia Weinstock, dubbed “Queen of Cakes” by her colleagues and foodies around the world, died on November 22nd at the age of 91. A spokesperson for the celebrity baker, who was known for creating intricate, expensive, and exquisite cakes, sent a statement to PEOPLE magazine. Weinstock, whose clients included Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Sofia Vergara, and Ivanka Trump, died “peacefully in her home at Tribeca, surrounded by her loving family,” according to her agent. Weinstock is survived by three daughters, Ellen Weldon, Amy Slavin, and Janet Weinstock Isa, as well as two sons-in-law, Keith Weldon and Barton Slavin, and six grandchildren.

On the subject of culinary geniuses who passed away this year, ‘Top Chef’ judge Mark Peel died on June 20 at his Los Angeles home. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer nine days before he died, according to sources close to him. Floyd Cardoz, the winner of ‘Top Chef Masters,’ died last year from coronavirus complications, leaving host Padma Lakshmi saddened. “We are all extremely proud of @floydcardoz. Tabla was always excellent and packed for anyone who lived in New York in the early 2000s. He had a charming grin, a natural desire to make others happy, and a delectable touch. “Not only for the professional food industry, but for Indians everywhere, this is a big loss,” she tweeted. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Barkha and their entire family. Floyd, rest in peace.” News from the Brinkwire Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide, according to reports. Months before his tragedy, Anthony Bourdain took part in a “old death rite” with Darren Aronofsky. Sylvia Weinstock had a husband, but who was he? Expert in high-end wedding cakes Benjamin Weinstock was married to Sylvia Weinstock. In February 2018, the couple celebrated 69 years of marriage happiness, and three months later, Ben died of natural causes at home, surrounded by his daughters, grandkids, and Sylvia, at the age of 93. According to FashionWeekDaily, the couple met at Far Rockaway Beach during the Fourth of July celebrations when they were both 17 years old. While no one from Sylvia’s group agreed to join her for a swim, Ben did and asked, “Would you like to go out one night?” afterwards. Sylvia exclaimed, “Of course, I said yes!”

Ben was also present throughout the interview. “She was tasty!” he exclaimed when asked about the yellow bikini Weinstock was wearing when they first met. And I had a good time with her. Sylvia was the youngest and the quietest.” “But the next evening, we got together,” he said. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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