‘Sweet sympathy,’ Amanda Owen said after receiving an update on her injury.


‘Sweet sympathy,’ Amanda Owen said after receiving an update on her injury.

After her latest injury, AMANDA OWEN sent out an update to her fans.

Amanda Owen recently caused anxiety among her fans after posting a photo of herself with a black eye on social media. She said she was “hurt in the line of duty” during the weekend.

She shared numerous photos on Twitter, including one of her injuries and one of her holding an ice pack on it.

“Injured in the line of duty,” she wrote of the incident. Amanda has now provided another update on her injury, this time explaining how her family reacted.

Amanda stated in an update on August 1 that she has been receiving “sympathy” as a result of the incident.

Following the incident, the farmer shared several photos with her family.

“Did qualify for some sweet compassion though,” Amanda wrote on Twitter, adding many hashtags to her post, including “#yorkshire #shepherdess #kind #sweet #treat #kebab #fruit #chocolate #cake #stickytoffee.” Amanda was accompanied by her son Sidney in one of the photos.

Fruit kebabs and sticky toffee pudding were among the other dishes served.

After Amanda updated her social media, a large number of her followers chimed in.

“Is that Sticky Toffee Pudding?” someone inquired of the TV celebrity.

“Awe…..they’ll look after you veeery well! ” Amanda typed back, explaining that it had “lots of dates in it and walnuts.” Another written to Amanda: “Awe…..they’ll look after you veeery well!

“Love sticky toffee pudding with cream it won’t stay around long with you all there,” a third responded. Some of her fans even suggested she produce her own Our Yorkshire Farm cookbook.

Amanda also revealed in her new book about her husband Clive Owen’s romantic gesture.

“The scenery might look lifeless at this time of year, but romance isn’t dead in this part of the woods,” she wrote in Tales From the Farm.

“Every February, my husband Clive, assisted and abetted by the sheep, will save a few pennies by skipping the newsagents and creating his own super-sized Valentine’s Day message.

“With a little thinking and planning, he can feed his heaf of a sheep in the shape of a heart, while I watch from a vantage point across on the opposing hill-end.” Amanda and Clive have been married since 2000, after they met when the shepherdess was dispatched to his farm to collect a sheep.

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