Suspect mocked after a drugs bust yielded a “pirate’s gun,” a sword, and £1,000 in cash.


Suspect mocked after a drugs bust yielded a “pirate’s gun,” a sword, and £1,000 in cash.

An old-timey pirate’s rifle, cocaine, and £1k in cash were discovered inside a launderette washing machine, perplexing Bedfordshire Police, with Twitter users unable to suppress their laughter.

Cops discovered a “pirate’s gun” among the buried loot discovered in a Bedford washing machine during an unusual narcotics bust.

Bedfordshire Police detained a man in his 60s for gun possession and being involved in the distribution of a controlled substance.

According to authorities, a sword, £1,000 in cash, and Class A drugs were also discovered inside the washing machine.

It’s the Bedfordshire police’s second successful narcotics bust in as many days.

A guy in his 30s was arrested in Dunstable on Friday last week for allegedly having a package including cocaine, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, and cannabis.

He also had pepper spray and knuckle dusters on him.

However, social media fans couldn’t stop laughing at the weird Pirates of the Caribbean-style swag in the second raid.

“We have taken a gun off the streets of Bedfordshire after police discovered the firearm in a washing machine during a warrant,” Bedfordshire Police tweeted with a photo of the weapon.

Many people responded with cartoons mocking the Jack Sparrow-like suspect who concealed his flintlock weapon within his kitchen appliance.

“Why don’t you do more to prevent armed washing machines from wandering the streets in the first place?” wrote user Friend of a Friend.

“We also discovered a crossbow and a rock that might be utilized by a catapult,” Zaxxon Galaxian continued. We’re concerned about gang activities among Holy Roman Empire immigrants.” “Well, I for one, I feel infinitely safer knowing that if Baron Cornelius Winchester IV wants to challenge me to a duel in 1821, there’s one less pistol available for him to wield,” wrote Polar Johan. Sign up for one of our newsletters to receive more articles from the Brinkwire. Nonetheless, killjoy Sarah Random pointed out that the discover wouldn’t be able to inflict much damage in the first place.

“Shame it’s lacking essential components that prevent it from firing,” she wrote.

“Like a ramrod, cock and frizzen, and a trigger.”

“So it’s not going to do much unless they change it to a matchlock.”

“Congratulations, however, for removing a pipe with a hole in the side.”


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