Susannah Constantine, Princess Margaret’s confidante, compared her existence to “growing up in a zoo.”


Susannah Constantine, Princess Margaret’s confidante, compared her existence to “growing up in a zoo.”

Princess Margaret confidante Susannah Constantine characterized her life as “growing up in a zoo.”

PRINCESS MARGARET’S life in the spotlight has been compared to “growing up in a zoo” by pal Susannah Constantine.

Susannah Constantine and Princess Margaret’s son David Armstrong Jones were excellent friends when Susannah Constantine dated him. They were together in the 1980s while she became closer to the Queen’s sister.

Even after her divorce from the Earl of Snowdon, Susannah stayed close to the royals.

Before she married Sten Bertelsen in 1995, Margaret even arranged her an engagement party.

During the course of their friendship, they became confidantes for one another.

Susannah just spoke with Kate Thornton on a podcast about this time period.

Margaret’s existence in the spotlight was compared to being in a “zoo” by Susannah.

“It’s like growing up in a zoo being in that environment,” she said of the royals on White Wine Question Time.

“And you’ve got people pressing up against the glass like gorillas.”

“So you learn to ignore it and go about your business because you don’t have any other option.”

“She was always herself, and I admired her greatly.”

Susannah also recalled how Margaret acted as a mother figure to her when her mother was ill.

“To her, I was nearly like Pygmalion, and we were very close.”

The star of What Not to Wear has already spoken about her bond with Margaret.

She previously mentioned on Woman’s Hour how close they were to each other.

“I am not being diplomatic or tactful…” Susannah stated. In my memory, Princess Margaret was a very nice and polite person.

“My mother was at her worst when I was going out with David, and Princess Margaret was someone I could turn to.”

Margaret also safeguarded Margaret’s reputation as a “waspish” woman.

“After you got past the defensive façade, she was a very sweet woman,” Susannah added.

Susannah was a fixture in the gossip columns at the time because of her eight-year relationship with her son David.

She began dating Imran Khan, a former cricketer who subsequently became Pakistan’s Prime Minister, after they broke up.

She married businessman Sten in the 1990s and has three children with him.

In February 2002, Princess Margaret, who was 71 years old at the time of her death, died.


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