Susanna Reid’s cleavage-baring look has GMB fans reeling, despite previous objections.


Despite previous objections, Susanna Reid’s cleavage-baring look has GMB fans reeling.

SUSANNA REID received a lot of extra attention today on Good Morning Britain, as viewers took to social media to comment on her eye-catching outfit, a reaction to which she has previously objected.

Susanna Reid, the host of Good Morning Britain, has previously condemned comments about her on-screen cleavage, but many viewers couldn’t stop themselves from tweeting about her revealing outfit choice today.

Viewers were quick to comment on Susanna’s bold look when she appeared on the show wearing a dress with a low-cut neckline.

Susanna appeared on the popular ITV show this morning in a royal blue dress with a plunging neckline.

The presenter sat next to co-host Richard Madeley, with whom she talked about a variety of topics, including the ongoing investigation into whether Boris Johnson and other members of his party attended an illegal party during the lockdown.

Susanna’s outfit choice, on the other hand, appeared to have distracted viewers from their discussions, with many taking to Twitter to express their thoughts.

“Susanna’s cleavage this morning!” tweeted MilffanUK.

Apuforu wrote, “I see Susanna has released her puppies this morning.”

“(hashtag)GMB did Susanna just walk off Love Island?” Crackerjackpen wondered.

“Susanna Reid trying to make sure Richard Madeley isn’t the only t** on view this morning,” Phillyt1 joked.

Susanna has previously stunned viewers with her bold fashion choices on Good Morning Britain.

Susanna made headlines last year when she appeared on GMB in a different “cleavage-baring dress,” prompting the host to retort to the remarks, which she implied were completely unnecessary.

Susanna responded to the discussion about her controversial dress on Twitter by posting a comment on her Instagram page.

She sarcastically wrote next to a picture of herself, “Shocker! Woman has cleavage.”

“Since it’s still before watershed, here’s a nice masked version.”

Susanna has been tweeting about the Prime Minister this morning, retweeting a GMB post that said: “It’s been over two years since Boris Johnson chose to hide in a fridge rather than appear on GMB.”

“Boris Johnson hasn’t talked to GMB in 1637 days.”

Susanna explained on the show this morning, “It was just before the general election back in 2019.”

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