Susanna Reid’s appearance on GMB causes fans to wonder, “Did she forget to get dressed?”


Susanna Reid’s appearance on GMB causes fans to wonder, “Did she forget to get dressed?”

SUSANNA REID’S presence on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain drew attention away from the news, as viewers were more interested in her attire than the news.

Susanna Reid, 50, co-hosted Good Morning Britain with Ben Shephard, 46, to discuss the latest developments in the Afghanistan issue. However, viewers couldn’t help but make a comment on the journalist’s attire, believing she was dressed in a silky pink dressing robe.

To host Thursday’s episode of the ITV show, the presenter wore a silky pink wrap dress.

Many viewers, however, turned to Twitter to query if the anchor had “forgotten to get dressed,” stating she appeared to be still in her dressing gown.

“#GMB, yup, that’s certainly a dressing gown,” one viewer commented.

“Just give Susanna a towel to save her blushes,” urged another.

As she apologizes to Lorraine, Michelle Heaton breaks down.

Susanna had a “wonderful night’s sleep” and headed right downstairs for the “work from home Zoom call,” according to a third spectator.

One scathing fan tweeted, “#GMB Susanna wearing her Gran’s 1970’s bedspread to work this morning.”

“I notice Sussanna didn’t have time to get dressed this morning, she’s still in her dressing gown,” observed another.

“Did Susanna Reid forget to get dressed?” wondered one perplexed spectator.

Susanna’s co-stars ridiculed her for wearing a “pink silk dressing gown” to work.

Susanna, on the other hand, asserted to Ben and Kate Garraway that she had dressed for the show and joked about the situation.

“I just want to point out, I did get dressed this morning,” she added hesitantly.

“I didn’t come in my nightgown.”

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On social media, viewers continued to comment on Susanna’s costume, with one Twitter user writing: “Last week, Kate Garraway was auditioning for Mrs Doubtfire.” Susanna Reid is auditioning for Bet Lynch today.”

“Susanna Reid [was]late for work and had to dash in in her silk kimono dressing gown,” stated another.

“I’m sure she’s wearing fluffy high-heeled slippers under the desk as well.” That is a proper dynasty.”

Susanna looked wonderful, and one viewer observed, “It’s actually unjust how hot Susanna Reid looks.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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