Susanna Reid says that her ex-co-host Piers Morgan’s award presentation act made her want to cry.


Susanna Reid says that her ex-co-host Piers Morgan’s award presentation act made her want to cry.

SUSANNA REID was on the verge of crying at the TRIC Awards, and it was all thanks to her former Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan.

Susanna Reid missed out on the TRIC (Television and Radio Industries Club) Awards 2021 for News Presenter of the Year. Instead, her former Good Morning Britain co-star Piers Morgan received the award.

I would have sobbed if I hadn’t known you didn’t think I was a complete disaster.

Susanna Reid is a writer.

The latter, 56, revealed today what she sent him after his victory, which included an emotional revelation.

In his most recent column, the outspoken journalist chronicled their interactions at the star-studded event.

They hadn’t seen one other since he announced his departure from GMB in March.

Piers said that it felt like they hadn’t seen each other in a long time when they reunited.

“She shouted, ‘Oh my God, I believe I’m going to cry!’ I laughed and said, ‘Well, divorces are emotional things.’

He remembered, “We hugged and chatted, and it was if we’d never been away.”

“‘How’s the replacement campaign going?’ I inquired. She said, ‘Slowly.’ ‘It turns out there aren’t many Piers Morgans in the area…’ This will most likely come as a big relief to some people.'” Susanna, 50, was on the verge of crying when he made a “graceful” move later in the evening.

Piers had invited her to the stage to accept the prize with him, stating he wanted to share it with her.

The mother-of-three had remarked at the time: “It had been an extraordinary five years. It was difficult and demanding.

“You may start a fight in a room that is completely empty. I’ve never seen somebody so enthralled by sausage rolls!” But it wasn’t until she described what it meant to her in a message to a former coworker that she revealed what it meant to her.

Piers said the following: “She wrote, ‘That was very gracious and giving of you.’ I said, ‘I meant it.’ ‘We worked well together.'” ‘It meant a lot to me. If I hadn’t known you wouldn’t think I was a complete disaster, I would have cried.'” ‘It was the ideal method to close the curtain,’ I explained.” The broadcaster also revealed what his fellow nominee had stated behind closed doors in his essay for the Daily Mail.

Following the win, Piers joked that he wished to “give his sympathies” to Huw Edwards, who had also been chosen in the category.

It was the newsreader’s fault. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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