Susanna Reid has been reprimanded for her staycation remarks on Good Morning Britain.


Susanna Reid has been reprimanded for her staycation remarks on Good Morning Britain.

SUSANNA REID has been chastised for referring to her trip in Cornwall as a “staycation.”

Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain returned to the breakfast show today following a summer break in Cornwall. Her vacation was supposed to start on July 27th, but she changed her mind.

She did, however, make an early return last month to allow Kate Garraway to take a break.

She has now admitted to co-star Ben Shephard that she had a “beautiful” time away, but that she was chastised for referring to it as a “staycation.”

“It was wonderful, and I got chastised for calling it a staycation,” the host remarked. Ben, this isn’t a staycation.”

“Because you’re not staying at home,” Ben agreed with her criticism.

“But I thought staying at home meant remaining in the UK and enjoying a great holiday in the UK,” Susanna said.

“More fool you,” Ben joked.

Susanna agreed, “More fool me.”

He then went on to explain the true meaning of a staycation to their audience.

“A staycation is when you vacation at home and stay at home,” he explained.

“I thought you were on lockdown!” Susanna cracked a joke.

Susanna used the chance to thank the folks of Cornwall for their kindness amid the funny remarks.

“Thank you to the excellent people of Cornwall for being so nice and beautiful, and for providing us with good weather,” she said.

“There were glimmers of sunshine, glimmers,” says the narrator.

Despite the alleged chastisement, GMB viewers have nothing but admiration for the broadcaster.

Fans praised Susanna on Twitter after she returned to allow Kate to take her first vacation without her husband Derek Draper, who is recovering from Covid-19.

“Friendship is priceless, beautifully done @susannareid100,” one user tweeted.

“It’s what great friends do when they help when they’re needed,” another viewer said.

“Nice work, Susanna, for assisting friends in their time of need.

“Let’s face it, Kate and the kids must be desperate for some quality time with me.

“Knowing Derek is in good hands till he can hopefully join them on future vacations.”


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