Susanna Reid fact-checks Johnson’s energy scheme claim, and Shapps squirms.


Susanna Reid fact-checks Johnson’s claim about an energy scheme, and Shapps squirms.

GRANT Shapps was left squirming after GMB host Susanna Reid confronted him about the warm home discount available to Britons.

Boris Johnson said in the Commons that £140 per week is currently available through the warm home discount scheme, prompting a challenge to the Transport Secretary to clarify the amount.

Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain fact-checked the Prime Minister, pointing out that the £140 is now available for the entire winter season rather than on a weekly basis.

Mr Shapps was repeatedly pressed by Ms Reid to explain Mr Johnson’s gaffe, with Ms Reid stating, “He said the warm home discount was £140 a week.”

“A £140 weekly warm home discount would go a long way toward alleviating people’s difficulties.”

“Either he lied to the Commons or he has no idea what assistance is available to people who are unable to pay their energy bills.”

“You kind of cut me off,” Mr. Shapps said.

“I’m confirming it’s a £140 contribution to energy bills, with £2.2 million paid.”

We also have a weekly payment of £25 for the seasonal cold weather.

“My broader point is that everyone is aware of a global energy price spike.

“What I’m attempting to show is that we are well aware of it.”

“We’re doing everything we can,” he continued, “but the majority of people will realize we don’t control global energy.”

During this week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, Mr Johnson claimed that Britons could expect a weekly £140 payment to help them pay their rising energy bills.

“The Warm Home Discount already supports 2.2 million people to the tune of £140 per week,” he said.

“[Angela Rayner] obviously wasn’t listening to the previous answer, let me remind her, the Warm Homes Discount, there are already 2.2 million people supported to the tune of £140 a week,” he said in response to a question from the deputy Labour leader.

Mr Johnson also accused Labour of having “bare-faced cheek” by calling for a reduction in the 5% VAT rate on energy bills.

Shortly after the Prime Minister made his remarks in the Commons, money expert Martin Lewis corrected him.

“To clarify when Boris Johnson says the Warm Home Discount for vulnerable people pays £140wk, it is actually a one-off annual £140,” Mr Lewis wrote on Twitter.

“It’ll rise to £150 (up 7%), the first increase in over 5 years.”

“However, energy bills must be paid.”

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