‘Surprise’! Marla Sokoloff of Full House is expecting her third child.


‘Surprise’! Marla Sokoloff of Full House is expecting her third child.

Alum of ‘Full House’ Marla Sokoloff is expecting her third child with Alec Puro and has revealed the sex of the kid — detailsRound three! Marla Sokoloff announced the birth of her third child on Wednesday, October 13.

The Full House alum, 40, posted family images with husband Alec Puro and their children Elliotte, 9, and Olive, 6, on Instagram with the phrase “One. Two. Three!” “Ahhh! Early in 2022, our charming surprise little lady will arrive.” The San Francisco native clutched her stomach in a patterned dress while holding up three fingers in the social media post. In a second image, her girls gripped her growing tummy.

Puro, 46, and the actress married in November 2009 in California, and their children Elliotte and Olive were born in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

The kids adore their mother’s part in the ABC sitcom Fuller House, which aired from 1987 to 1995, as well as the revival series. In November 2019, Sokoloff, who played Gia, told In Touch, “I suppose students at school told them about it.” “I’m not sure how they found it.” It’s just Netflix’s gift, and they most likely just [went]on one show, which led them to another, and they ended up there.” “They are infatuated with Fuller House,” the Baby-Sitters Club star noted at the time. I mean, I’ll come home from work on Fuller House and walk through the door to see them watching Fuller House. They have 800 episodes available to view. “Guys, we need to take a break!” I exclaim. The Practice alum went on to explain that Elliotte and Olive were “starstruck” when they spotted Candace Cameron Bureon on set.

She explained, “It’s sort of great that they get to come to work and see it all unfold.” “It also makes me feel better knowing that what I’m doing makes sense to them and that I’m not just flying about and abandoning them.” I think it’s wonderful for them to get something in return.” Sokoloff commented on how she cared for her family members while directing her first film out of state the following month.

“I had a calendar where I scheduled every hot lunch, every playdate, and every after-school enrichment activity.” Carpool. Activities. “I didn’t have a single day when they weren’t doing something,” the Fuller House actor said of filming Christmas Hotel to Moms in December 2019. “When I got… Brinkwire synopsis.


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