Super Junior’s K.R.Y releases the OST song for SF9 Rowoon’s K-drama, ‘The King’s Affection.’


Super Junior’s K.R.Y releases the OST song for SF9 Rowoon’s K-drama, ‘The King’s Affection.’

The first episode of ‘The King’s Affection,’ a K-drama featuring SF9’s Rowoon, premiered on October 11 and is also available on Netflix.

As more and more second-generation K-pop groups become active this year, the older generation of K-pop fans is being well-fed. The idols that built the groundwork for the global Hallyu Wave are returning after finishing their mandatory military duty, from CNBLUE and SHINee to 2PM and 2AM’s comebacks. One of them is Super Junior. The group is booked and busy, from releasing their tenth album to commemorating the tenth anniversary of the sub-unit D&E. And now K.R.Y is returning for SF9 Rowoon’s K-drama.

Super Junior was one of the first K-pop groups to introduce the notion of a sub-unit, with 13 members at the time. Super Junior – K.R.Y is thought to be the first sub-unit of the second-generation K-pop stars, as well as the first major sub-unit that is still a part of the original group. They debuted in 2006, with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung as the ballad kings. They began by giving their talents to OSTs, as their angelic vocals are ideal for the typical romantic K-drama soundtracks. They’re returning with a bang for the OST of ‘The King’s Affection,’ a K-drama.

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K.R.Y will perform for the film ‘The King’s Affection.’

After their last OST performance in 2012, Super Junior – K.R.Y launched their first EP in 2020. However, K-drama fans and ELFs (Super Junior’s fandom) were wondering when the sub-unit will release a new OST song. When KBS’ list of authorized songs for transmission was made public last week, fans were inadvertently informed that they would be returning. On October 12, K.R.Y released the first OST song for ‘The King’s Affection,’ titled ‘Shadow of You.’ The K-drama starring Rowoon from SF9 premiered its first episode on October 11 and is also available on Netflix.

‘Shadow of You’ is a melancholy ballad about the painful secrets that the heroes must hide to protect their loved ones. The Crown Prince is inadvertently killed, and his twin sister Dami takes his place. No one can tell she’s a woman now that she’s posing as the prince. However, Rowoon’s character adds to the confusion because he is on the lookout for Dami, whom he had befriended before she replaced her brother.

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