Suga of BTS explains why, despite fame, he and his members have not changed much.


It is common knowledge that celebrity has the potential to alter individuals.

There is also speculation that celebrities are no longer the same as they were before popularity grew.

It seems, however, that BTS members, despite being global superstars, have not changed that much. The members are still the same as they were before they became famous, many fans believe, and Suga is now giving some insight into this issue.

The success of BTS in the last few years has exploded.

The members were all adolescents and young adults who dreamed of being K-pop stars before BTS debuted.

Among several other K-pop groups in the industry, the group debuted in 2013 and struggled to be noticed. They became more and more famous in 2015, though.

This made it possible for BTS to eventually become better known worldwide. The group won the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 and started to gain further media coverage in different countries. BTS has since received several other foreign awards and performed on many American TV shows, growing their success further.

BTS is now regarded as one of the most influential groups in the music industry.

They continue to have a massive social media presence and, as K-pop artists, have also defied the odds of achieving great goals.

Three times so far, BTS has topped the Billboard Hot 100 and has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

Suga explains why, despite his fame, he and his members have not changed much.

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It’s easy to imagine being swept away by popularity by someone as famous as BTS. But despite being some of the largest stars in the world, the group’s members have remained grounded and modest.

Suga discusses this topic in a new interview with Weverse Magazine.

Although he and his members admire their many successes, the BTS rapper explains, they also don’t worry too much about them.

“I think it’s because we don’t think too much about success,” Suga says when asked if, due to popularity, BTS hasn’t changed much. “For example, it’s incredible to be in the number one spot on the Billboards, but there’s also this sense of ‘Okay, so?”

He also mentions their Grammy nomination, telling us, “When we got nominated for the Grammy Awards, we were like, ‘Is this for real?’ (Laughs) Of course we were excited, but we didn’t think, ‘We’re singers nominated for Grammy.’ When you’re nominated, you’re nominated, and when you get the award, you get the award. You don’t let it shake you.”

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Suga notes that their fans help BTS stay down to earth. He thanks the fan base of BTS, ARMY, for helping the group get the Grammy nomination, adding, “What’s more important is that fans are more flattered than us when we get a big award.”

Jungkook shared a similar sentiment in an interview with India’s NDTV in October when asked how they stayed humble.

“[Our achievements] are all amazing things that we still can’t grasp,” he said. “There may be some factors that have led to us getting this far, whether it’s our commitment or timing, but we sincerely believe that the love and support of ARMY has made it all possible.

The most important thing that holds us grounded is that.


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