Sue Radford, the mother of Britain’s largest family, is spending £5k on Christmas presents for 22 children.


Sue Radford, the mother of Britain’s largest family, is spending £5k on Christmas gifts for 22 children.

Sue Radford, the mother of Britain’s largest family, has put up the first of many Christmas trees and revealed that she spends £5,000 on her 22 children’s gifts.

It’s all about spending time with loved ones and treating them well during the holiday season.

That means it’s time for many people to indulge in a little extravagance, and Sue Radford, a mother of 22 children, is no exception.

The festive spirit has arrived for Britain’s largest family, The Radfords.

Sue, the 46-year-old matriarch of the large family, has revealed that the group has put up their first Christmas tree.

Sue and her family of 22 have previously planted seven trees around their 10-bed home in Morecambe, so she claims it’s their “first.”

Sue and her partner Noel put up Christmas trees in their living room, kitchen, and front porch last year to spread some extra holiday cheer.

Four of the children were even fortunate enough to have a brightly colored tree to decorate their rooms.

But what about the presents that will be placed beneath them?

Sue, 46, revealed that she spent £5,000 on her children’s Christmas presents in previous years.

They spend between £100 and £250 on each of their children to ensure that they have the happiest of Christmases.

They even splurged on a festive food shop for £300!

As a result, in the months leading up to December, the couple must save every penny they have in order to go on their Christmas shopping spree.

Despite being Britain’s largest family, they do not rely on benefits and instead rely on their pie shop for income.

Sue has a Christmas gift-giving hack that saves her time and effort.

Sue has purchased a personalised Santa sack for each child instead of wrapping the gifts under the tree.

It also prevents the gifts from becoming mingled.

Sue must be quick on the wrapping front with so many gifts to give.

She even calls herself a “demon wrapper.”

Sue claims to be able to wrap 20 gifts in 15 minutes, implying that she can prepare hundreds of gifts in a single evening.

During the Christmas season, Noel and Sue go through an incredible 70 rolls of wrapping paper.

Even on Christmas morning, the parents stay up until 1 a.m. peeling vegetables and potatoes in preparation for their colossal meal.

Noel previously demonstrated how he prepares the 10kg turkey, as well as the 7kg of potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

They even cram 50 Yorkshire puddings into the container.

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