Sue Barker’s message to Jake Humphrey, who was in need, was met with criticism.


Sue Barker’s message to Jake Humphrey, who was in need, drew criticism.

JAKE HUMPHREY has spoken exclusively to This website about his friendship with former tennis pro Sue Barker, describing how she came to his aid when he needed it most.

Jake Humphrey, 43, is best known for hosting BT Sport’s football coverage and has appeared on A Question of Sport several times while Sue Barker, 65, was hosting.

He has now told this website exclusively about a fond memory he has of the former tennis player.

That was a life-changing experience for me.

Jake Humphrey is a character in the movie Jake Humphrey

Sue is a “great supporter” of Jake’s, according to Jake, and the two have maintained a close relationship over the years.

“I remember once I was on air and for whatever reason I was getting criticism from people, which is what happens if you work on the television,” Jake said, recalling an event where she was there for him.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder what I’ve done on this particular show to get all this criticism,’ when I got a message from Sue Barker, which had nothing to do with the fact that I was looking at social media.”

“She just texted me, saying, ‘Hi, I’ve watched BT many times, but tonight I’m watching the Liverpool game.’

You’re amazing.

“‘I could tell you were coming down with a cold, but you were fantastic! Lance [Sue’s husband] and I both think you’re the best football presenter on TV because you always ask the questions the fans want to hear.”

“That was a really big moment for me because I was getting so bothered by criticism from people who don’t know what it’s like to be on TV and do that job and walk in my shoes,” the presenter continued.

“Then there’s Sue Barker, who understands and tells me I’m doing a fantastic job.”

“It’s a good reminder to surround yourself with people you can trust and relate to, and who you understand and who understand you.”

Those are the people we should always pay attention to.”

Following the BBC’s announcement of a show shake-up, Jake admitted that he was disappointed to see Sue lose her role on A Question of Sport.

It had already been established.

“Brinkwire News Summary.”

That was a really big moment for me.

Jake Humphrey


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