‘Suck the blood out of you,’ says Dragons’ Den’s Steven Bartlett to Peter Jones.


‘Suck the blood out of you,’ says Dragons’ Den’s Steven Bartlett to Peter Jones.

On Thursday night, DRAGONS’ DEN was back on TV, with more hopeful entrepreneurs hoping to get funding from some of the country’s most successful business minds.

During his first episode, new Dragon Steven Bartlett, 29, made quite an impression, even taking a shot at the longest-serving dragon, Peter Jones.

Edward Hancock and Rich Simpson attempted to sell the dragons their vision of an artisan cheese company in the first pitch of the new series of the BBC business investment show.

The concept appeared to cause some friction among the investors, as Dragons’ Den veteran Peter made an offer for five times more of the company than the men had requested.

Steven, who has made history as the show’s youngest Dragon, aimed a jibe at his colleague, accusing him of attempting to “suck the blood” out of the entrepreneurs, while also making an offer to invest in the business.

With Cheesegeek, Edward and Rich hoped to secure £150,000 from one of the Dragons in exchange for a 3% stake in the company.

Following his initial skepticism of the idea, Peter decided to make an offer after learning more about it.

“I’m going to offer you the entire sum of money – I was going to say 20%… but I’m paused because I don’t think you’ll accept it.”

“So I’m going to offer you all of the money, but I want 15% of the business,” the 55-year-old added.

“Are you accepting?” Peter inquired of the business owners, who appeared apprehensive.

“Perhaps we should just think for a second,” Edward responded.

Steven, a new hire, then shared his thoughts on the cheese company’s proposal.

He stated, “I really enjoy the business.”

“And you’ll face a slew of challenges, but the entrepreneurs in front of you are the most important thing that gives you confidence as an investor that those challenges aren’t insurmountable.”

“When I decided to join the Den, I was frequently asked what kind of business I wanted to start, and my response was always the same.

“It was, ‘I’m looking for a business where I can leverage my experience, skill set, and contacts to multiply the value of the company.’

“‘So I’m assuming you’re here.’

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