‘Stunning’ UK destinations have been named among the best in the world for travel in 2022 – a ‘beautiful place.’


‘Stunning’ UK destinations have been named the best in the world for travel in 2022 – a ‘beautiful place.’

National Geographic has named the best of the world, and the UK is represented in three of the five categories, with four entries.

The annual list of the 35 must-see destinations for 2022 has been released by National Geographic Traveller (UK).

Nature, Adventure, Culture, Sustainability, and Family were among the five categories on the list.

The United Kingdom was left off the lists for Sustainability and Adventure, but it did make it onto the lists for Culture, Nature, and Family.

National Geographic’s international teams recommended and researched the destinations on the list.

“Whether it’s closer to home, exploring the UK and Europe, or focusing on journeys further afield to destinations that highlight sustainable, environmental, and community initiatives, this year’s list gives us an opportunity to celebrate the world as we begin to emerge from the pandemic,” Pat Riddell, editor of National Geographic Traveller (UK), said.

“These 35 places are a great place to start planning your trips for 2022 and beyond.”

Tin Pan Alley in London was nominated by National Geographic Travel US for the culture list.

Tin Pan Alley is actually Denmark Street, which has a blue plaque on it.

The street is well-known throughout the world as the best place in London to purchase musical instruments.

“Hopefully this historical street, which is the heart and soul of the music industry survives the onslaught of development,” Nellie Lim wrote on Tripadvisor.

Kent was named to the list by Nature for its rewilding success stories and plans to reintroduce bison to the area.

In spring 2022, four European bison will be reintroduced to Blean Woods as part of a Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust project.

“Blean Woods are undeniably a beautiful place,” Jonah Purvis said.

You can walk for miles along well-worn paths, soaking up the sun that dapples through the trees.”

“Absolutely stunning woods,” wrote Kayla Perrie.

There were two winners from the United Kingdom on the Family list.

Nottinghamshire was mentioned, as was Robin Hood’s history.

Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest, as well as Newstead Abbey, Lord Byron’s ancestral home, are all excellent family attractions.

The Family also included Hadrian’s Wall.

There’s plenty to do and see along the Wall, and the inspiration for Game of Thrones’ Wall is receiving government and charity funding to turn it into a major tourist attraction.

Yunnan, China: Jingmai Mountain

Japan’s Hokkaido

Italy, Procida

Georgia, United States of America

Oslo is a city in Norway.

Italia, Rome

Egypt (Cairo)

Namibian Caprivi Strip

Minnesota’s northwestern region.

Russia’s Baikal Lake

Maya Forest Reserve in Belize

The Australian state of Victoria

The Danube is a river in Europe.

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