‘Stunning’ At D&G’s Venice extravaganza, Lady Kitty Spencer dazzles in a beaded white gown.


‘Stunning’ At D&G’s Venice extravaganza, Lady Kitty Spencer dazzles in a beaded white gown.

For the Dolce & Gabbana A-list event in Venice, LADY KITTY SPENCER was a vision of white pearls and beads.

Last weekend in Venice, Lady Kitty Spencer was a vision of elegance at Dolce & Gabbana’s star-studded Alta Mode fashion presentation. The British socialite was one of several prominent faces that attended the four-day celebration, which also included Emma Weymouth, Marchioness of Bath. Following a previous evening in which she wore a figure-hugging strapless pink dress with intricate sequin embroidery and heavy jewelry on her neck and ears, Princess Diana’s niece wore a white beaded dress to the Alta Mode event and shared several photos on social media.

Lady Kitty was invited by the Italian fashion brand, for whom she is also a global ambassador, to mark the launch of their new high-end jewelry collection, dubbed Alta Gioielleria.

Lady Kitty Spencer was present during the launch of the brand’s Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria, Alta Gioielleria, and Alta Orologeria collections, which lasted four days.

Palazzo Ducale, a 14th-century Gothic palace that is one of Venice’s most recognized buildings, hosted the four-day extravaganza.

“Palazzo Ducale is the apex of Venetian art and cultural life and symbolizes one of the highest emblems of ‘La Serenissima’s’ rich history, which has captured the imagination of visitors wherever they gaze for centuries,” D&G added.

“Today, the #DGAltaGioielleria products will be presented at this shrine to Italian brilliance and cherished icon of craftsmanship.”

The newlywed, who wore no fewer than five D&G pieces to her wedding at the end of last month, was among the guests, which included Dame Helen Mirren, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, and Kris Jenner, to mention a few.

“The most stunning Alta Moda dress adorned with coral, crystals, and pearls,” Lady Kitty captioned three photographs of her costume on a carousel, telling her 750,000 Instagram followers.

The dress has a distinct waistline and an off-square neckline with saggy shoulders.

The straight skirt featured a modest slit along the back and reached just over her knees.

On the body, the beads were sewn in a flower arrangement, and for the trim, larger gems and diamond-shaped drops, as well as a beading, were chosen. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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