Strictly Come Dancing’s Tilly Ramsay breaks her silence on her relationship status amid claims of a ‘curse.’


Strictly Come Dancing’s Tilly Ramsay breaks her silence on her relationship status amid claims of a ‘curse.’

Tilly Ramsay, a celebrity participant on STRICTLY COME DANCING 2021, has spoken out about her relationship situation as rumors of the so-called Strictly “curse” continue to circulate.

Tilly Ramsay, 19, has confessed that she is unmarried, but she is insistent that she is participating in the show. Rather than anything else, the goal is to “concentrate on dancing.” It comes amid rumors about the young star’s tight relationship with Nikita Kuzmin, her professional dancing partner, but she appeared to be eager to dispel them.

Tilly, the daughter of TV chef Gordon Ramsay, has so far dazzled the judges with her excellent dancing routines with Nikita.

The couple’s spirited Charleston on Saturday night propelled them to the top of the scoreboard, with two eights and two nines giving them a total score of 34.

AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington, who lit up the dance floor in week one with their very frenetic Jive, are the only other couple to score so high in a single week so far.

This implies that the two new professional male dancers who have joined the Strictly line-up are in the highest-scoring couples of this year’s competition, which is a good omen for the show’s future.

Despite the fact that Nikita is married, his on-screen chemistry with Tilly has raised questions about whether the duo will succumb to the famed Strictly “curse.”

“Yes, I am single, but I’m here to focus on dancing,” Tilly said when questioned about her own relationship status.

“It would have been insane of me to turn down Strictly Come Dancing.”

“”It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she told OK! Magazine, “and most importantly, I really want to learn to dance.”

Tilly and Nikita rumors began to surface after the dancer’s five-year girlfriend, Nicole Wirt, sent a mysterious statement on Instagram.

She snapped a snapshot of herself at the hair salon and captioned it: “Gratitude should be practiced on a daily basis to witness a positive change in your outlook on life.

“Stop whining about things you can’t change or influence.

“Guys, be healthy and gorgeous as you are.”

Despite the fact that people have speculated about the significance of Nicole’s enigmatic statements, the couple appears to be happy together, and there has been nothing to imply Nicole is unhappy with the combination.

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