Strictly Come Dancing stars that have left the show due to health difficulties, accidents, or a mysterious exit.


Strictly Come Dancing stars that have left the show due to health difficulties, accidents, or a mysterious exit.

Due to health reasons, Robert Webb was forced to leave Strictly Come Dancing in the middle of the season – and he’s not the only celebrity to leave the show in the middle of the season.

Strictly Come Dancing may be one of the most popular reality shows on television, but it hasn’t stopped some celebrities from stepping away for various reasons.

Several figures of the entertainment industry have given reasons for leaving the show throughout the years, with Robert Webb being the most recent to do so.

The comedian departed for health reasons after being recommended to stop doing the show, much to his chagrin, while other reasons have included Covid-19, accidents, and even a shroud of mystery.

The stars who had to step aside – and why – have been revealed by Brinkwire.

The celebrity admitted that pushing himself to perform Strictly two years after his open-heart surgery meant he had “bitten off far more than he could chew,” and that he had “bitten off way more than he could chew” in the 2021 series.

After a few weeks on the show, in which he was paired with Dianne Buswell, he began to experience symptoms, prompting an urgent meeting with his heart physician.

“It was her opinion that it would be preferable for the benefit of my health to step aside from the show,” he stated in a statement.

He expressed sorry for “betraying” Dianne and thanked the home fans for their support during his time on the show.

Will Young’s departure from Strictly in 2016 came as a shock to viewers, given the star had began the show with Karen Hauer and had done so effectively.

Many viewers were perplexed as to why he departed the show for “personal reasons,” with many wondering what the mystery was behind his departure.

He later told The New York Times that he was having personal problems and wasn’t enjoying the dancing as a result.

Kelly Brook’s departure from the show in 2007 was a shock to viewers, given she had had such a promising start, with many believing she would make it to the final.

While there was conjecture that she was rowing with her dance partner Brendan Cole, Kelly’s motives appear to be a little more personal.

Kelly’s father, Ken Parsons, died of lung cancer at the age of 57, and she felt it was too difficult for her to continue with the show when she was grieving.

Will got coupled with Janette in 2019. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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