Strictly Come Dancing, according to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, is a “cult” with a “lack of emotional care.”


Strictly Come Dancing, according to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, is a “cult” with a “lack of emotional care.”

SOPHIE EILLIS-BEXTOR revealed that Strictly Come Dancing gave competitors “no emotional care at all,” comparing the show to a “cult.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 42, has opened out about her time on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, which she first competed on in 2013. The show is known for its rigorous training schedules, and while the singer claimed that she and her husband Richard had to make a “shared decision” to participate, they weren’t prepared for the emotional toll it would have on them.

There is no emotional support.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a British singer.

Sophie, who has three children with Richard, Sonny, Ray, Kit, Jesse, and Mickey, linked her Strictly experience to a famous Dickens saying, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,’ in a new essay for the Main Online.

The singer was paired with Brendan Cole, who is married and has children, and while she enjoyed the “beautiful routines” and being dressed in “fantastic glittery frocks with amazing hair and make-up,” she claimed the happy bubble quickly burst.

“From the launch concert forward, Richard struggled with my involvement,” she wrote.

“I recall wondering if they’d ever had a competitor walk away from the program before they’d even danced their first dance because it was so difficult for him.”

Richard was concerned that he was “losing her,” Sophie writes, “I guess he feared that something was awakening in me and he felt he wasn’t part of my destiny.”

“I’d never felt like that before, but I couldn’t persuade him.”

“He could see how engrossed I was in the show, how taken I was by the intensity and the constant learning, learning, learning that you share with only one other person — your dancing partner.”

Richard felt as though she “could slide into a new existence that left our family behind,” she explained.

“I had no such desire,” she moaned, “but I was too exhausted at the end of the day to him the reassurance he required.”

“I believe the show’s conclusion will provide the only true reassurance.”

Sophie, on the other hand, wondered if the show should have done more to assist participants dealing with comparable situations.

She mentioned that there were three marriage break-ups during her year on the show, and now there are two. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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