Strictly Come Dancing 2021 LIVE: John and Johannes take the lead, while Adam and Katya’s sultry dance stuns the audience.


Strictly Come Dancing 2021 LIVE: John and Johannes take the lead, while Adam and Katya’s sultry dance stuns the audience.

The leaderboard was topped by STRICTLY’s John Whaite and pro partner Johannes Radebe, with AJ and Kai’s chemistry leading to a near kiss.

The’sparks’ flying between the couples on Saturday’s episode had fans riveted to their screens, especially Aj and Kai, who some thought had a ‘near kiss’ at the end of their Argentine tango.

The judges were enthralled by Rose and Giovanni’s enthusiasm as they danced to Alicia Keys’ Fallin’, a song about falling in love with someone at work.

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Many viewers were taken aback by Adam and Katya’s seductive performance, while others were enraged.

Only a year ago, artist Eiri, who specializes in nude portraiture, gave birth to the couple’s son George-Anderson.

“Eiri is always supportive of Adam but she doesn’t appreciate being humiliated on a national scale,” a source close to Eiri, who met Adam on dating app Tinder in late 2019, claimed.

“She wants the rest of the world to know they’re a relationship and hopes Katya doesn’t get any ideas.”

After the TV host complimented the dancer with helping her unleash her sensual side, AJ and Kai have simply added fuel to the fire.

She stated, ” “So, not only has Kai taught me how to dance, but he’s also taught me how to act. There’s a lot of passion, chemistry, and romance in this film, and it’s thrilling!” And in practice, I couldn’t look at Kai without laughing out loud. But, ideally, on Saturday night, I’ll be able to look him in the eyes, gaze in love, and it’ll be incredible. However, it is inconvenient!” Getting up close and personal with someone you’ve only just met can be difficult for some people, but AJ says her mind is too preoccupied with nailing the routines to consider it.

“I’m not thinking about it for myself,” she replied. “‘OK, heel, step onto the ball, roll onto the back of your…’ I’m genuinely thinking. Kai might as well not be there while I’m thinking about the steps. I’m joking, of course.

“But I’m so concentrated on my work that I’m not really paying attention to being in his personal space. When it comes to the performance, I’m like, “Oh yeah, Kai, you’re fantastic, let’s do this.” Do you get what I’m saying?” According to Ladbrokes, ROSE AYLING-ELLIS is the obvious favorite to win this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Rose and Giovanni are now a 4/6 shot to win the glitter all trophy this year after wowing the judges once more on Saturday evening.

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