Storms and heavy rain are expected to batter the UK before snow arrives, according to the Met Office.


Storms and heavy rain are expected to batter the UK before snow arrives, according to the Met Office.

Storms are expected to pound the UK in the coming days, bringing 60mph winds and heavy rain, before snow and freezing temperatures come next week.

Strong winds, heavy rain, and potential flooding are expected this week in the United Kingdom, before temperatures drop next week, bringing snow with them.

The rain will grow heavier from Wednesday, according to the Met Office, after a mixed start to the week with bright periods and showers.

The Daily Mirror writes that rain warnings are in effect for Wednesday and Thursday across the Northwest of England and parts of Scotland, with up to 60mm of rain possible.

According to WXCharts, winds might reach 60 mph on Wednesday, with Northwest England suffering the brunt of the gusts.

British Weather Services’ Jim NR Dale told the Daily Express: “Winds are strongest in the far north and northwest, gusting to above 60 mph, but largely in regions that are accustomed to such conditions.

“All of this is due to a nearby low-pressure system and its accompanying waving frontal system, both of which are influenced by the jet stream. This isn’t out of the ordinary for this time of year.” According to NetWeather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite, the weather will be divided north-south.

He stated, ” “Wetter, windier weather will be more prevalent in the north and west, while dry weather will be more prevalent in the southeast.

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“The reason for the separation is that low pressure will track closer to the north of the country for the time being, allowing those further south and east to enjoy a bit more shelter and proximity to high pressure over the continent.

“A similar pattern is expected to remain for the rest of the week, with low pressure gradually expanding its impact in the south.

“By next weekend and the beginning of November, it appears that people further south will be able to partake in the rainy, windy action more frequently.”

After a relatively pleasant October, the mercury is anticipated to drop significantly next week, with temperatures as low as -4C in parts of northern Scotland by November 3, according to WX Charts.

Temperatures in the north of England might be below freezing, with Newcastle forecast to be about 0°C.

It’s part of an Arctic polar vortex that’s forecast to bring snow to the region. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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