‘Stop texting me!’ Naga Munchetty’s appeal to listeners as a co-star creates a ruckus on her show.


‘Stop texting me!’ Naga Munchetty’s appeal to listeners as a co-star creates a ruckus on her show.

After her colleague Simon King provoked outrage on her BBC Radio 5 Live programme, NAGA MUNCHETTY requested listeners to refrain from texting her about him.

Naga Munchetty of the BBC invited her listeners to complete the line, “You know it’s hot in Britain when…”, prompting a flood of responses. Simon King, the presenter’s co-star, expressed his disapproval of those who don’t wear a top in the heat.

The weatherman commented that he would rather see people wearing socks and sandals.

Many listeners messaged Naga in response to Simon’s admission, which appeared to be too much for her.

Midway through the presentation, the 46-year-old requested that fans refrain from sending her messages regarding her co-star.

“Please stop contacting me about how angry you are about Simon,” she said.

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“If you were planned on strolling down the street without a top on because it’s hot, and Simon says you can’t do it, you can go straight to his Twitter account.”

“You’re receiving a lot of those texts are you, what have I started?” her co-star joked.

“It’s not for me,” says the narrator. I don’t blame them; it’s scorching outside.”

Naga joked, “I’ll remember it when I walk down the street.”

On her Twitter profile, the broadcaster received a flood of comments to the remark.

“Everyone complains about the heat,” one wrote.

“You neglect to drink your tea and it doesn’t become cold,” a second added.

“In the evening, you can go out without a cardie,” (sic) a third said.

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Naga hasn’t let the heat stop her from doing some workout in the sun, as she demonstrated on Instagram this week.

After completing a five-kilometer run, the BBC Breakfast anchor uploaded a photo of herself sweating.

“Run done,” she said, referring to her 46,000 fans. It’s never easy. I’m glad I did it 99 percent of the time.

“Now it’s time for Thursday X.”

Naga’s fans swarmed to her post to leave comments.

“99% of the time, I wish I was capable of doing it!” one wrote. You did a fantastic job.”

A second commented, “Looks like that was some run Naga,” while a third said, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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