Sting’s participation on The One Show, ‘Can’t be 70?’, drew the attention of the audience.


THE ONE SHOW viewers were left distracted during Monday night’s programme by both Sting’s and Dame Esther Rantzen ‘youthful’ appearances.

On Monday’s The One Show, BBC hosts Sam Quek and Ronan Keating welcomed singer Sting, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, Olympic diver Tom Daley and Dame Esther Rantzen to the studio. However, viewers quickly became distracted by how youthful both Sting, 70, and Esther, 81 looked.

Many viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. Jackie penned: “Sting still sounds & looks good for 70.” (sic)

Paula wrote: “How good does Sting look!!! Looking amazing at 70 I must say!”

Ant commented: “Sting is 70 years old…he looks incredible.”

“Sting and Esther at 70 and 80 are making me feel better about getting older,” Alan complimented.

Lindsay said: “This man is 70…just ponder that for a moment.” (sic)

Bing tweeted: “Sting can’t be seventy?!”

“Sting is 70 he looks 50,” Jimmy praised.

During Sting’s interview, the hosts asked him about his new album and his three-week tour in Las Vegas.


Sam went on to ask the singer about his new album which he has titled The Bridge.

“The Bridge, I thought it was a really nice metaphor for what we are all going through at the moment.

“Everybody is looking for a bridge to the future.

“Where we can feel more safe, more happy and we don’t know where it is.”

“I am there. Everyone on the planet is there,” he added.

“My bridge is music so that is what I am looking for.”

As they played a clip of Sting’s new music video, Ronan asked the singer for advice on how to sound that good.

“You’re a great singer too,” Sting complimented. “It’s a muscle, so it’s like being an athlete you need to keep it healthy.

“I can still sing the high notes,” he concluded. “It’s like a good wine.”


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