Stephanie Beacham explains why she’s a “hater.” She says that she wished she had Anton.


Stephanie Beacham explains why she’s a “hater.” She says that she wished she had Anton.

In an exclusive conversation with This website, STEPHANIE BEACHAM confessed why she “hated” Strictly Come Dancing with Vincent Simone.

Stephanie Beacham, an actress, participated on Strictly Come Dancing’s fifth series in 2007. The 74-year-old stated she didn’t enjoy her time on the show and believes she knows numerous others who felt the same way.

“I was terrible at it,” she confessed, adding, “I really despised it.” It did not appeal to me.

“I’ve also spoken to a few people who have privately expressed their dissatisfaction with it.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be one of the few individuals who had to admit, ‘This was a shoe that didn’t fit.’”

While many people enjoyed the glamourous side of Strictly, The Dynasty couldn’t relate.

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“Apart from the dancing, which I mentioned was difficult, there was nothing I could transform into being.

“I also had personal reasons for not wanting to do it,” Stephanie said, “but they said, ‘Just do it for fun.’”

The Colbys actress advised this year’s participants not to do the show for fun and to only participate if they are ambitious.

She joked, “I felt like a grumpy adolescent at a party I didn’t want to be there.”

Stephanie put her dancing talents to the test with Vincent Simone, a former professional dancer.

The actress insisted it wasn’t all smiles behind the scenes, saying he was “not really a happy bunny.”

“It’s not solely due of me; perhaps I wasn’t of assistance,” she added.

The Dynasty star believes she should have gone with Anton Du Beke, who was dating Kate Garraway at the time.

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Stephanie said she likes the show and still enjoys watching it, despite not liking it herself.

Anton will take Bruno Tonioli’s place as a judge this year.

Due to the current travel uncertainties caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the latter will not be included in the series.

“I’m sure he’ll be excellent, he has an insider’s eye,” Stephanie said of the shift.

“Are we going to miss the Italian?” says the group.

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