Staycation: The UK’s fish and chip capital has been named – it’s time for a coastal vacation.


Staycation: The UK’s fish and chip capital has been named – it’s time for a coastal vacation.

HUNGRY With new research finding the best spots for a takeaway, Britons can now plan their vacations around the finest areas for fish and chips.

Bournemouth has been dubbed the UK’s fish and chip capital.

The number of fish and chip shops around the UK was examined in a recent study by card payment specialists takepayments Limited.

With 119 fish and chip businesses, Bournemouth is the undisputed capital of the popular takeaway.

Coastal towns made the top 25 list of places to eat fish and chips.

Torquay and Paignton, after Bournemouth, both have over 100 fish & chip outlets.

Tenby and its 5,000 residents have over 43 fish and chip options, demonstrating how seriously coastal towns take their fish and chips.

According to the survey, there are 7.8 fish and chip shops/restaurants for every 1,000 persons.

Coastal towns are undoubtedly already well-known to Britons as the finest spots to eat fish and chips.

However, the study also looked at the most cost-effective foods.

And it’s not Bournemouth who comes out on top this time.

The finest place to get cheap fish, chips, and mushy peas is Margate.

A dish of fish and chips with mushy peas from the area’s top-rated restaurant costs under £5.

The best bargain sites were Margate, Dawlish, and Shanklin.

“Who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips by the sea?” remarked Sandra Rowley of takepayments.

“Our findings demonstrate that there is still a strong demand for fish and chips across the country, but especially in seaside cities where there are hundreds of fish and chip restaurants catering to hungry tourists.

“In comparison to the Summer of 2019, we have observed an outstanding growth of 28 percent in the number of independent fish and chip shops opening.”

1. Margate, £5.00

Dawlish, second place, £6

3. Shanklin (£6.40)

4. Blackpool (£6.90)

Skegness is ranked fifth, with a price tag of £7.

6. Llulandado (£7)

£7.65 for Bognor Regis.

£8.55 for Exmouth.

£8.90 for Weston Super More

Paignton, tenth place, £9.25


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