Stay at How to Visit Dick and Angel’s French Castle: Escape to the Chateau.


Stay at Dick and Angel’s French castle, Escape to the Chateau: How to Visit.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the ESCAPE to the Chateau couple, invite fans to visit and even stay with them.

This is how you do it.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge are busy throwing a garden party for their children Arthur and Dorothy, as well as their friends, in tonight’s new episode of Escape to the Chateau.

When the pandemic has passed, the 19th-century French castle will reopen to weddings, guests, glampers, and general visitors.

If you want to visit the impressive property in northwest France and stay for a night or two, this website has everything you need to know.

The couple purchased the impressive property in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, known as the Château de la Motte-Husson, in 2015.

It cost £280,000 for 45 rooms, 12 acres of land, one moat, and several outbuildings.

The house, however, had been vacant for 40 years, and with no electricity, heating, or running water, Dick and Angel decided to renovate it for a television show.

The couple has decided to take on the mammoth task of re-roofing the main Chateau this year, as they will have no visitors.

Can fans stay when the castle doors open in 2022, and if so, how much does it cost?

The couple has been hosting weddings and events at the castle for a few years now.

“We guarantee that your journey will be effortless and your celebration wondrous,” the website boasts.

However, there is a backlog due to the pandemic.

The company is “currently on a two-year weddings catch-up,” so if you’re a bride or groom planning a wedding, the website says inquiries will re-open “soon.”

If hiring out the entire venue is too expensive, there are a few other options for seeing the Chateau and meeting Dick and Angel.

At the Chateau, you can enjoy Chateau Under the Stars, also known as “Elegant Camping.”

The couple has installed geodesic domes to “watch the stars twinkle in total luxury while watching the stars twinkle.”

Bookings are available for the Floating Dome, the Land Dome, or both Domes.

The Floating Dome is £350 per night and has one double bed that sleeps two people.

The Land Dome is located alongside the.

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