Start time, live stream, and leaks for the Super Smash Bros. Direct – Sora, Waluigi, and Master Chief next?


Start time, live stream, and leaks for the Super Smash Bros. Direct – Sora, Waluigi, and Master Chief next?

Fans of the SMASH BROS will soon learn who the final Fighters Pass 2 DLC character is. Mr Sakurai Presents will reveal the last Super Smash Bros Ultimate combatant, but will it be Sora, Waluigi, Master Chief, or another surprise contender? The start time, how to live stream, and leaks are all listed below.

Fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will find out who the final DLC character for the hit Nintendo Switch game is this week. A new Mr Sakurai Presents show will air on Tuesday, October 5th, revealing the final SSBU DLC character to be added to Fighters Pass 2. This forthcoming new fighter will be the 11th DLC pack published for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it will be the game’s final DLC pack.

The next Super Smash Bros. DLC fighter will be revealed during a future Direct on Tuesday, October 5 at 3 p.m. UK time. Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Smash Bros., will host the broadcast, which will last about 40 minutes. It will be shown on YouTube, and you can watch a live stream of the Smash Direct by clicking on the video posted below.

During the September Nintendo Direct, the ‘Final Battle’ Smash Bros Direct was unveiled. And, at the start of this week, the @NintendoUK Twitter account reminded fans of the crucial date: “Masahiro Sakurai, the director of #SmashBrosUltimate, will announce the game’s last fighter tomorrow at 15:00 (UK time). The release date for the fighter, as well as the final Mii Fighter costumes, will be unveiled!” “The presentation will be approximately 40 minutes long, and it will be the last presentation about #SmashBrosUltimate,” the account continued. For years, there have been several rumors about new characters coming to Super Smash Bros.

And, with so many rumors circulating about who might be included to Super Smash Bros Ultimate next, there will undoubtedly be a number of competitors who are left out.

Fans have been clamoring for Waluigi, Luigi’s arch-nemesis and Wario’s BFF, to be included in Smash Bros. for years.

There are, however, a slew of additional third-party characters who may be included in Smash Bros. instead.

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