‘Star Wars’: Luke Skywalker as Sebastian Stan? A lot of people are against it


‘Sebastian Stan, support us! You are our only hope,’ some fans say.

But when faced with the possibility of Luke Skywalker playing the actor, other fans say, “He’ll never join us!”

Through his role as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan already has good ties to the fan base, but that hardly makes Stan a far, far away slam dunk in the galaxy.

There are so many unanswered questions, not least whether Luke will appear again in a series of Star Wars, not to mention whether he will get his own series.

In Star Wars, can we even see more of Luke?

When Luke Skywalker appeared in the final episode of season 2, The Mandalorian, fans around the world cheered so loudly that there was an immediate call for more Luke. He could feature in one of the new Star Wars series that Disney has confirmed if he could not appear in his own series.

At the very least, reappearing in The Mandalorian is definitely rational for him to continue or finish his story arc with baby Yoda/Grogu.

And even though Luke had reappeared, how were they going to do that in the future? His presence in The Mandalorian was accomplished for Mark Hamill by a mixture of a body double and aged CGI.

For a few minutes of screen time, that would be great, but for an extended role over many series, recasting the role with someone new would be more realistic and less expensive.

At the same time, some fans cling to nostalgia, and for those fans, the notion of someone else playing Luke doesn’t sit well.

A mythology has grown around Luke, for better or worse, and Mark Hamill is inextricably bound to the character.

The case against Luke as Sebastian Stan

The best gifts are often the most surprising and something you never knew you needed before #ThankYouJonAndDave pic.twitter.com/4nNjSvbvIN- Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) was granted December 30, 2020 ‘Star Wars’: Would Luke Skywalker really have been out of character to kill Ben Solo?

One fan wrote on Reddit, “I personally don’t believe in unnecessary recasting, so I’m playing Luke against Sebastian Stan.”

And, of course, Mark Hamill has a passing facial similarity, but he’s much taller, he doesn’t sound like Mark Hamill, and, you know, Hamill can still do it. I’m going to be the first to say that in The Mandalorian, the CGI on Luke was a little wonky (he looked nice enough for the time he was on the screen), but there is the potential for de-aging.

One fan argued that if we see Luke when he’s older – further past the Jedi Return, but not quite until Luke goes off the grid – aging might be less of a concern.

“This individual wrote, “Mark isn’t in the same physical condition as he was at the time, so he can’t really pass for an aged Luke (without CGI). That being said, for a future appearance/series, I see no reason why they couldn’t reset Hamill to his mid-90s appearance.

It would change the timeline, but before the sequel trilogy it would still be a decade or so.

That being said, Hamill said how happy he was to be working on The Mandalorian himself. A non-Luke character, a droid in Season 1, had already been voiced, so he has already developed a relationship with the people running this series. But, the question remains – do fans want Luke back badly enough to want more than a cameo appearance for him? If so, a recast may be in order.

The argument for Luke as Sebastian Stan

A #The Mandalorian Deepfake video indicates that if Lucasfilm had cast Sebastian Stan as a young Luke Skywalker, it would have been better. HTTPS:/t.co/urcsQuDHG9 pic.twitter.com/MepkwU1nGr- Screen Rant (@screenrant) December 27, 2020 A Google search that reveals many side-by-side comparisons between Stan and a young Mark Hamill shows the easiest case for casting Sebastian Stan as Luke. Though Stan is not Hamill’s dead ringer, one might argue that there is more than a passing resemblance.

As much as fans are attached to Hamill, there was also some support on Reddit for a recast. One wrote, “If there is to be a young to middle aged Luke, then he needs to be recast. Mark Hamill is just too old to do the very athletic things they will ask him to do.”

For recasting characters from the original trilogy, there’s even precedent.

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Alden Ehrenreich played the young Han Solo. Granted, granted,


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