Star Melissa Gilbert discovered why none of the guys in high school have asked her out at her 20-year reunion, ‘Little House on the Prairie’


One of the biggest young stars of her time was Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder in ‘Little House on the Prairie.’

Growing up, though, she felt unwanted. She spent countless nights listening to sad songs on her bedroom floor because she assumed no one wanted to date her.

She finally discovered at her 20-year high school reunion that none of her fellow students had asked her out.

As a teenager, Melissa Gilbert felt she was unlovable.

Although Gilbert was presented as a fabulous young starlet by magazines of the time, her reality was the exact opposite.

“I feared that my grandfather’s weekend hugs and kisses would be the only attention I would ever get from a man,” she wrote in her memoir, “Prairie Tale.” “I imagined spending my life alone, playing solitaire. No, it was worse than that. I imagined being alone and cheating pathetically at solitaire.”

Her fear of being alone forever increased when Gilbert’s friends started to have romantic experiences.

I went into an almost catastrophic panic when I heard my girlfriends start gleefully recounting their make-out sessions with men, that no one would ever date me,”When I heard my girlfriends start gleefully recounting their make-out sessions with guys, I went into an almost catastrophic panic that no one would ever date me,”

Crush of Melissa Gilbert on Scott Baio

It doesn’t mean she didn’t have a lot of crushes just because Gilbert was one of the last of her friends to start dating. She fell in love with Happy Days’ Scott Baio (which was also filmed on the Paramount lot, along with Little House on the Prairie). She and her friend Tracy Nelson attended “whenever possible.” tapings of the season.

“Even though she’s going to kill me for admitting it, we rewrote the lyrics to Linda Ronstadt’s song ‘Blue Bayou’ as ‘Scott Baio,'” Gilbert recalled.

Hoping to meet Baio, Gilbert began hanging around the commissioner, “as if he could be remotely interested.”

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Ultimately, she discovered that “he wasn’t. In fact, he couldn’t have been more disinterested.”

While Baio was not interested in Gilbert romantically, they became friends eventually.

Baio also accompanied Gilbert during his freshman year to their homecoming dance.

“I thought he would give me a touch of cool; everyone would want to see Chachi and talk to us,”I thought he’d give me a touch of cool; everyone would want to see Chachi and talk to us. “But no one came near us.”

Why was she not asked out in high school by any of Melissa Gilbert’s classmates?

Gilbert spent most of her teenage years feeling rejected and questioning why she didn’t want to date any of her classmates.

As it turned out, her classmates just assumed that she was dating other stars in Hollywood.

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“All I longed for was to be cool and have a boyfriend,” she wrote. “Despite my best efforts, both seemed hopelessly out of reach.”

Gilbert learned the facts during her twentieth high school reunion.

“At my twentieth high school reunion, I found out that none of the guys asked me out because they thought I was dating movie stars like Scott,” she wrote.


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