Stacey Solomon admits she can’t believe how quickly baby Rose has grown.


Stacey Solomon admits she can’t believe how quickly baby Rose has changed.

STACEY SOLOMON has shared a heartfelt update on her daughter Rose, saying she can’t believe how much she’s grown.

Stacey Solomon, 32, shared a sweet photo of her newborn daughter Rose with her followers on Instagram.

Rose was born on Stacey’s birthday, October 4th, with her partner Joe Swash.

The last seven weeks have flown by.

Stacey Solomon is a writer.

Stacey shared a sweet video of Rose in a basket wearing a pastel baby grow with her 4.8 million Instagram followers.

Rose is clutching her mother’s black and white jacket, which Stacey believes she was trying to communicate with.

“Rose adores black and white,” she explained.

“I believe she is attempting to inform me of the situation.

“I’m amazed at how old she is.

“It’s been seven weeks already.”

Stacey has been keeping her followers updated on Rose’s progress over the last few months, as well as soliciting baby advice from the general public.

On Sunday, Stacey asked her Instagram followers if they “run out of milk in the evening” while breastfeeding their children.

“Rose has a little moment where she seems like she’s cross that she can’t get any food out,” she wrote to her followers.

The Loose Women star added that she had been drinking and eating more than eve and couldn’t understand Rose’s thoughts.

“[In] the mornings, I feel like I could feed ten babies,” Stacey continued, “but as the day goes on, it gets less and less.”

“Do you think there’s anything you can do at night to get more milk?”

“Or is it just in my head, and the amount is the same all the time?”

Stacey accompanied the post with a photo of her baby daughter resting on her chest.

While her breasts may appear “empty,” many people believe they are still providing Rose with what she requires.

“I figured I’d share some of the responses because I know a lot of you are experiencing the same thing.”

“Thank you for responding to my message; it’s reassuring.”

Stacey shared a photo of her four children in bed on Instagram on Saturday.

With her eldest holding Rose in his arms, the Loose Women’s sons were all smiles.

Stacey has two older children from previous relationships and shares Rose and Rex, a two-year-old, with Joe.


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