Squid Game: Police reassure motorists about the freeway detour sign.


Squid Game: Police reassure motorists about the freeway detour sign.

Motorists have taken to social media after noticing that the symbols on road signs are similar to those seen in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, where they can lead to death.

Police have informed motorists that if they obey the detour instructions, they will not end up in Squid Game.

According to the Mirror, Thames Valley cops sought to allay any fears when it was pointed out to them that the emblems featured in the South Korean popular series and those on traffic signs were strikingly similar.

Squid Game, Netflix’s most successful debut to date, features debt-ridden competitors participating in childhood games for the chance to earn massive cash awards – but in a cruel twist, if the contestants lose, they are killed.

Players are called to Squid Game by being given a strange business card with a circle, triangle, and square on it, which matches the forms on the masks of people who conduct the games and carry out the murders of the losers.

Those symbols are frequently used on road signs to assist vehicles in following diversions, prompting the Thames Valley Police Service to have some fun on social media after drivers on the M4 near Slough noticed the connection.

“Evening all,” the roads policing Twitter account wrote. So, following this signage from the M4 Junction 5 in Slough will not get you to the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

“It’s merely directions for roadwork diversion routes…phew!”

One Twitter user quipped that the cops must have followed the sign only to discover it didn’t lead to Squid Game, to which the force answered, “We might have, but we made sure we didn’t pick the umbrella!”

“Gutted,” said another, “could have done with the money.”

On road signs, circles, triangles, squares, and diamonds are used to plan out emergency diversion routes and are normally covered up until emergencies such as road closures require them to be revealed to lead traffic around the problem.

With 111 million viewers in its first month, Squid Game has surpassed Bridgerton to become Netflix’s most successful debut yet.

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