Splitgate Queue Times: After the upgrade, the most recent Splitgate server news.


Splitgate Queue Times: After the upgrade, the most recent Splitgate server news.

The majority of users’ SPLITGATE queue times have decreased dramatically across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gaming platforms. Here’s what’s new with Splitgate following its most recent server update.

Splitgate has been a huge hit since its beta began, and the console version’s release has only increased its popularity in recent weeks.

Because it is a free-to-play video game, anyone can download it and enjoy the unique brand of FPS action it has to offer.

The sole drawback to Splitgate’s increased popularity has been the lengthening wait times to join active servers.

This week, some remarkable lines have formed around the game, with some people waiting for hours to get a chance to play.

The good news is that these lengthy estimates have greatly decreased, allowing players to join much more quickly.

This is because to a new update that was launched today, which enhanced performance and gave gamers more options.

360fps support on PC, Autosprint via the options menu, and kicking individuals who AFK in the menu for too long are all examples of this.

Splitgate Queue Times have been reduced as a result of this combination of modifications, particularly the last one.

Despite these new adjustments, the Splitgate Queue Time is still somewhat long in comparison to other games.

The blockbuster shooter’s development team has reminded fans that Queue Times may still run longer than intended, preventing some players from playing for the time being.

Splitgate server support is growing, and there are plans to make things easier before the August release date.

However, gamers are advised to visit the Splitgate Discord website for the most up-to-date server information until then.

The Splitgate Queue time is now indicated as a 30-minute wait, however this could change as more players log on tonight.

Splitgate is a new team shooter from 1047 Games that has been compared to Halo and other popular first-person shooters.

The utilization of portals, which constantly rattles up a game to make things more exciting, is what sets Splitgate apart.

For anyone interested in learning more, visit the official Splitgate open beta website.

Splitgate is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with player-controlled portals that is available for free. With its portal mechanics, this sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new level, giving high-flying, multi-dimensional action.

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