Spiral recap: season eight, episodes one and two – hot running of the tumble dryer


Spoiler alert: For people watching Spiral on the BBC, this recap is for people.

In just four weeks, it’s hard to imagine Spiral disappearing from our screens forever. For a French drama, fifteen years, eight seasons and international recognition is a successful outcome.

With its trademark mix of cerebral crime stories and high-octane cops and robbers, the series has maintained a high standard throughout.

The Laundromat Murder The fallout from the Gilou affair continues to pelt our heroes. Laure Berthaud and her crew of roughnecks will be missed, particularly BTL in this blog. The gang was left depressed and at a loss for three months of criminal chump change. What better way to get back into the game than to commit a dirty assassination that would make them even more unpopular? Laure is on fire for the action as a dead boy shows up in a clothes dryer, like caramelized onions on a croissant…. The unfortunate boy was part of a loose group of undocumented minors from Morocco living in squats and living in the 18th century, nominally known as Shkun. Souleymane, the former suspect, spends his days mugging visitors and his nights getting high on benzo. As demonstrated by the attack on Shkun, he also does not shy away from abuse against his mates. But we are compelled to search elsewhere for the culprit as his laser tag alibi exonerates him of the murder: the white van that takes Souleymane away indicates organized crime manipulation.

Gilou In prison, the eternal survivor Escoffier is still making a great impact. He declines the protective custody provided to imprisoned cops and embarks on gen pop, targeting the wing’s grand cheese, Cisco.

A brief brawl, followed by a high-risk bait-and-switch on Cisco’s phone, takes the Romanian cell to an intense steak-and-chill session.

Cisco is secretly impressed that his colleagues were never ratted out by Gilou. Gilou is quietly impressed by the tender yet delicious rump steak that he is served with.

However, bromance lovers will be frustrated because Gilou works on a scheme to get close to Cisco so that he can frame him for a vengeance killing.

Brémont suggests that Gilou might get out with him to pull it off if Cisco is released in two days. The French justice system continues to be confusing – two career criminals out on the street. LaureWe’ve seen Laure’s abandonment problems before, and now that Tintin is gone, Gilou is in prison, and Roban has been replaced by a younger and less agreeable model, the very last thing she wants is to get Ali excited about leaving his own crew to run.

Like Tintin before him, Ali is desperate for the culture of secrets and lies preserved by Laure. It still remains to be seen if her (literal) phone apology will get him back on board. When Judge Lucie Bourdieu wants to befriend the new face, she instantly rubs her the wrong way. That’s Laure – making enemies everywhere she goes in high places. Joséphine If the first signs indicate that domesticity with Lola has dulled the rough edges of Joséphine, we are easily disappointed as soon as she catches a glimpse of herself in the smart, fierce Souleymane.

From 500 yards away, she can always pick out a procedural mistake, and with a swipe of her smock, she whisks the boy out of care and into child safety. Then, the same old Joséphine? Not entirely. The experience of the last two seasons has left its mark – now she specializes in cases of rape and is presumably a victim advocate. The serial killers and terrorists of France will now have to look elsewhere for their concrete protection. Thoughts and Observations The burden of police in Barbès on homeless underage migrants is a real issue, and in the past the Paris police have sought help.

The autopsy shows a gruesome display of fractures, burns, diseases and scars inflicted in his brief life on Shkun’s fractured body.

Death is caused by a brain hemorrhage from a recent skull fracture. The complicated part would be finding out why.

The birth of his son and the split with Laure have made Ali a busy week. What he also does not realize is that Director Lenoir is supported by his determination to run his own troupe.

It is too soon for the inexperienced Captain Amrani, Beckriche thinks, but when the inexperienced Captain Amrani is


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