Spider-Man, Batgirl, Falcon, and Other Marvel and DC Cosplay Hoodies and Jackets


For many of us, the weather is getting colder, and you know what that means! Time to see what fancy new cosplay hoodies and jackets Marvel and DC are putting out this year. For that we head to Merchoid, who seem to have cornered the market in this regard. Their latest batch of officially licensed jackets is here, and it includes the following (note that all prices include taxes and shipping):

As is the case with all of Merchoid’s¬†hoodies and jackets, they’ve included details like interwoven panels, breathable mesh, and more. Images for each of the new jackets and hoodies can be found below. You can check out Merchoid’s entire lineup of hoodies and sweaters here. Their entire lineup of jackets is available here.


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