Spain vacations: The most popular region in 2021 has been named – where the majority of tourists have flocked.


Spain vacations: The most popular region in 2021 has been named – where the majority of tourists have flocked.

For Britons, a trip to SPAIN is one of the most popular vacation destinations.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the country was flooded with tourists last year.

Although Spain is a popular tourist destination, the country as a whole was not created equal in terms of tourism.

In November, 3,348,451 tourists visited the country.

The Canaries were the most popular tourist destination in November.

In November, over one million tourists visited the islands, with just over half a million visiting Andalucia.

The largest market was Britons, who numbered over 300,000 in the Canaries and 93,000 in Andalusia.

In November, 597,548 Britons visited Spain for vacation.

The Balearic Islands, however, were the most popular region from January to November of last year.

The Spanish islands, whether the Balearics or the Canaries, drew a large number of tourists.

All year long, the four Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera are popular tourist destinations.

Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, and Fuerteventura are all part of the Canary Islands.

Spain has a plethora of popular vacation spots, with 4 million Britons visiting the country in 2021.

Spain’s tourism industry suffered a setback last year, despite the country’s popularity.

The numbers were far lower than they were before the pandemic.

In order to enter Spain, British citizens must be fully vaccinated.

All visitors over the age of 12 must comply with the requirement.

Fully vaccinated is defined in Spain as having received two vaccinations.

Many British families have struggled with the rule because children under the age of 12 are rarely double-vaccinated in the United Kingdom.

Ruth Valentine wrote on Twitter, “We have a holiday to Spain booked six days after our daughter turns 12 years old.”

Getting two vaccines is impossible.

Isn’t it supposed to be over 12 years and three months? Is there a loophole?”

“We have the same scenario!” Mrs B replied, “Daughter turns 12 at the end of July, and we’re going to Spain on July 4th…

“From what I’ve read, even if we paid for PCR tests, she won’t be able to enter.”

Holidaymakers planning to visit Spain should also keep an eye on a new EU rule that could go into effect as early as February.

The Covid certificate, which allows passengers to travel freely within the bloc, may only be valid for nine months.

While the new rule has been approved by the Commission, it could still be blocked by a majority of EU governments, according to Reuters.

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