‘SOS!’ After’massive cancellations,’ a volcano struck La Palma, sending a message to travelers.


‘SOS!’ After’massive cancellations,’ a volcano struck La Palma, sending a message to travelers.

Despite the island’s deadly volcanic eruption, LA PALMA in the Canary Islands has issued an urgent request for more tourists. The ‘SOS’ call comes as the hotel rooms on the island are currently only 15% full.

Despite the volcano’s destruction, tourism officials on the island say La Palma is a “safe, appealing destination.” 981 buildings were damaged as the volcano’s lava overflowed, but no one was killed.

Since the eruption, La Palma tourism officials said the island has seen “huge cancellations” in bookings.

The volcano erupted on September 19 and has been wreaking havoc ever since as it steadily makes its way to the sea.

Many tourists have canceled prospective excursions owing to the volcano, so hotels on the island are just 15 percent filled.

Prior to the eruption, occupancy was at 70%, and experts predicted that La Palma would have an excellent winter season.

“We are being compelled to react,” the Insular Centre for Tourism Initiatives stated in a statement. In the following months, there will be a distinct downward trend.

“Layoffs, the end of furlough for dozens of workers, and the likelihood of hotel and non-hotel closures are all on the horizon.”

Many families and locals rely on tourism, according to the Center, and would be heavily hurt if tourists stayed away.

“Tourism is critical” in the areas of Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso, and Tazacorte on the island, they claimed.

In its first eruption in fifty years, the volcano’s lava has produced a new inlet of land. Sulfur dioxide levels in the air have also increased near the La Palma volcano, according to several air quality stations.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the sulfur levels do not yet represent a threat to people’s health.

Ashotel, the island’s hotel organization, stated that La Palma “would require a specific plan for economic recovery and tourism development.”

When Spain’s tourism minister proposed that the island could be utilized to promote volcano tourism and referred to the eruption as a “wonderful performance,” she sparked uproar.

Volcano tourists have arrived on the island, with many hoping to see the vivid red lava flowing towards the sea.

Tourist ferries from Tenerife have apparently been used by young people to observe the eruption.

Over 6,000 island residents and visitors had to be evacuated. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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