‘Someone is going to get hurt!’ says the narrator. Insulate Britain is blasted by Simon McCoy. ‘People get irritated.’


‘Someone is going to get hurt!’ says the narrator. Insulate Britain is blasted by Simon McCoy. ‘People get irritated.’

On the GB News morning show, SIMON MCCOY slammed the climate activist organization Insulate Britain after several members staged another demonstration to disturb lorry drivers.

After obstructing several of the UK’s busiest motorways over the past month, protestors are now facing judicial action and the possibility of jail time. National roads lawyers are already preparing evidence to prevent additional demonstrations, according to GB News’ Simon McCoy, who spoke with Professor of Psychological Sciences Mark McDermott about why the group continues to put themselves in danger.

Insulate Britain laid down in front of vehicles at Dartford Crossing on Wednesday for their 13th demonstration in five weeks.

Professor McDermott spoke on The Great British Breakfast with McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher to try to explain why the protests are taking place.

“They weren’t doing this for kicks,” he told the hosts. This resistance stems from a feeling of dissatisfaction.

“A perception that they are subjected to an unreasonable set of demands, such as being passive and doing nothing in the face of inaction, as they view it.”

Protests have been organized by groups like as Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion in the last two years in response to government inactivity in the face of a deepening climate crisis.

McCoy, on the other hand, thought their methods were too hazardous to justify the cause.

“The problem with this, Mark, and we all saw the images yesterday as we’ve seen pictures before, someone is going to get hurt,” he explained.

“Someone is going to die,” says the narrator. And it isn’t going to be one of these demonstrators. And one of these protestors will not wind up in prison.

“It’ll be someone who has been attempting to remove them in order to get their child to a hospital or whatever.”

“And this is where people become really angry with them,” McCoy continued.

When Insulate Britain began their rallies on September 13 of this year, they received a lot of opposition from the general population.

On the M25 motorway, a group of activists blocked five junctions and staged more rallies throughout the next fortnight.

Several members were detained, but lawyers are now collaborating with police to try to have them charged with instigating the commotion.




Professor McDermott described the movement as “reactive” and stated that the group believed they had a “legitimate grievance” to protest.


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