Some of TikTok’s most popular stars are facing backlash because of their Scientology necklaces.


The youngest Jonas brother has caused some of TikTok’s biggest stars quite a bit of trouble. Frankie Jonas posted a video that has since been deleted in which he posed with a gaudy necklace and asked others to do the same. He also added a photo montage of all the TikTok stars that he’d managed to fool with the trick, including Lil Huddy, Charli D’Amelio, Noah Beck, and Suni Lee. Now that the necklace has become the subject of controversy, some want to know what it means.

Scientology necklaces are chains with the symbol for Scientology hanging on them. The symbol features two triangles that are sitting on top of one another, as well as a curved “S” that snakes through both shapes. Usually, the people who wear the necklaces are supporters of the religion, but that likely wasn’t the case for many of the TikTok stars who posed with them.

Some people may have been confused by the backlash that the TikTok stars faced for posing with the necklaces, but as soon as you understand the dark underbelly of Scientology, it becomes clear why they were criticized. Frankie tricked these other TikTok users into posting with the chains, but Scientology is widely believed to be a harmful religion, and the TikTok stars who posed with the necklaces probably should have been more careful before taking their photos.

Although some may see it as a legitimate religion, those who study Scientology closely typically recognize that it has many of the qualities of a cult and often siphons off the money of its wealthiest members for use inside the church. Those who become involved in the church often disconnect from their friends and family and begin devoting all of their time to religion.

Although the influencers didn’t know what they were doing, it would obviously be harmful if their post inadvertently got someone involved in a religion that many people have trouble escaping from. Scientology is not a normal religion, and while Frankie’s prank was viewed by some as hilarious, it also highlights how willing influencers are to hop on trends before fully understanding what they mean.

Frankie Jonas ain’t gotta do suni like that 😭💀🤣

Although Charli and the other TikTok stars who posed with the necklace are facing some backlash, there are other users who find the whole… Brinkwire short summary.


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