Some of the artists expected to win big at this year’s Grammys are Jon Batiste and Doja Cat.


Some of the artists expected to win big at this year’s Grammys are Jon Batiste and Doja Cat.

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards nominees were released on Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2022, sending die-hard pop fans, rock enthusiasts, and a slew of other music fans into a frenzy.

Jon Batiste, who got 11 nominations, appears to be in for a huge night. Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, and H.E.R., who each received eight votes, are followed by Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo, who each received a “modest” seven votes. So, how do you vote for the Grammy Awards in order to support your favorite? Fans who want to see their favorite singer win at the Grammy Awards, unlike the American Music Awards or the MTV Video Music Awards, must rely on old-fashioned manifesting.

While several award shows offer fan-voted categories, such as the Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist Award and Top Collaboration Award, the Grammys do not follow the same guidelines. Simply put, you are unable to vote.

The Grammy Awards, which were first awarded on May 4, 1959, allow the industry’s crème de la crème to gather and reflect on their amazing achievements. The Grammy Awards, which are presented by the Recording Academy, a prominent organization with specialists among its members, highlight the work of the most successful musicians.

According to Variety, the Recording Academy underwent a major reorganization in the summer of 2021, following the appointment of Harvey Mason Jr. as CEO and Valeisha Butterfield Jones and Panos A. Panay as co-presidents.

The Recording Academy welcomed almost 2700 new members as part of the reorganization. The move is intended to eliminate inherent bias and enhance the voting process, which has been a source of criticism for the organization in the past.

The Weeknd recently made waves after speaking out against the Recording Academy’s notoriously opaque voting method. According to Variety, 48 percent of the new invitees identify as women, 32 percent as Black or African American, and 13 percent as Hispanic or Latino.

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Despite the fact that fans are unable to vote, they continue to make predictions about which musicians will win big.

“By 2022, Sarkodie will have won a Grammy Award, not only been nominated for one, on… Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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