Sodapop, Sam Marie-Saint Portfolio:


I know 2 or 3 things about Sam Marie-Saint. He loves French Nouvelle Vague film, punk rock and painters from Weimar. He worked in fashion and portrait photography after studying directing and cinematography at UCLA in California. He’s living in New York now and his new novel, Sodapop, is a love letter to Jean Luc Godard’s films. This picture of Olivia Beeken’s model bears the fragrance of Breathless, Godard’s debut, with Beeken standing in for Jean Seberg.

“I like to use the three primary colors in my work,” Marie-Saint says. “Red, yellow and, to a lesser extent, blue. Red was the dominant color for Sodapop. In this photo, the red lips, hair and brick wall in the background, along with the yellow tones, fit the narrative.”

Sam Marie-Sodapop Saint’s is written by Damiani. With www. Damianieditore! Damianieditore. Priced at £ 50, com


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