So far, Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit line has received terrible TikTok reviews.


After successfully launching Kylie Cosmetics in 2014, Kylie Jenner has sealed the deal in letting the world know that she’s a brilliant entrepreneur, business mogul, and money magnet. Her makeup brand proved to the world that she’s more than just a social media influencer or the little sister of Kim Kardashian.

This is why fans had high hopes for her newly released swimsuit line. According to some brutally honest TikTok reviews, her swimsuit line simply doesn’t meet the standard everyone was expecting.

A TikToker named @BriannaXRenee posted a video zooming in on all the flaws of the Kylie swimsuit she ordered and it’s safe to say, there were a lot. Some of the seams were visibly falling apart which means the sewing isn’t sturdy in the slightest. The swimsuit looks like if you pull on it too roughly or accidentally yank it the wrong way, it will easily rip.

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The TikToker showed how see-through the material of the swimsuit was by holding it up to the light. You can see the logo from one side of the swimsuit to the other. Another TikToker named @TinyTello posted a video explaining that while she finds the cut of her swimsuit unique, she’s also aware that if she moves an inch in an awkward way, parts of her body will most likely pop out. Unwanted exposure is a total risk!

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She mentioned how sheer the material of the swimsuit is, saying, “I’m totally disappointed that this is completely see-through. I’ve seen behind-the-scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear so the fact that no one caught that this is completely see-through blows my mind.” She couldn’t even film her review video without using a garment underneath to hide her body from full exposure.

A third TikToker named @MorganGC17 said, “The quality is not it. I tried on the suit last night and honestly couldn’t take a video because it was completely see-through. Like, it’s the thinnest piece of material in the world. I wish you could feel this ‘nothing piece of fabric right now. It is not double-lined … this bathing suit is $80!”

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She also added, “I have better bathing suits that… Brinkwire short summary.


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