Slugs, snails, and aphids may all be killed with “kitchen cabinet treatments,” according to a gardening expert.


Slugs, snails, and aphids may all be killed with “kitchen cabinet treatments,” according to a gardening expert.

A GARDENING specialist has offered his “kitchen cupboard” pest-removal treatments for aphids, slugs, and snails.

When tending to their plants, every British gardener will come across bugs at some point. Aphids such as greenfly and blackfly, vine weevils, slugs and snails, capsids, scale nymphs, and earwigs are all common garden pests in the UK. While it may be tempting to reach for a chemical spray bottle, do so with caution.

Chris Bonnett, the owner and operator of Gardening Express, revealed two “kitchen cupboard” pest-removal solutions with This website.

Slugs and snails have been “very abundant” this year, according to Chris, who founded Gardening Express in the late 1990s, due to the wet weather.

Chris recommended using dishwashing liquid to get rid of aphids.

“Washing up liquid diluted with water in spray bottles is a kitchen cupboard remedy,” he explained.

“When sprayed on aphids, it closes their pores and kills them.

“The plants will be dropped off. That’s a fantastic old-fashioned cure that doesn’t require the use of any harmful pesticides.”

The hack is “particularly useful” if you have aphids on your tomato plants and vegetables, according to the gardening expert.

Chris suggested utilizing a “beer trap” if slugs and snails are an issue.

Beer traps entail the use of some sort of container, such as a recycled bottle or a food container, as well as beer.

“You can use a beer trap for slugs and snails,” Chris explained.

“You can cut a hole in the top of an old margarine tub and half-fill it with beer.

“If you leave it in the beds and borders, they will be drawn to the beer and drown.”

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Slugs and snails eat leaves, stems, and flowers, although they prefer new growth on herbaceous plants the most.

Slugs and snails frequently attack containers and pots, causing severe plant devastation.

Chris suggested using copper tape to prevent plants from making a move for your potted plants.

“Copper tape is another wonderful one,” he added.

“You can place a ring of it around the top of the pot to give slugs and snails a minor electric charge as they climb up to eat hostas or something else that’s their favorite meal.

“They come into contact with copper.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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