Slugs in your garden? Here are six guaranteed ways to get rid of them naturally.


Slugs in your garden? Here are six guaranteed ways to get rid of them naturally.

SLUGS are most active in the spring, although they can be a problem all year.

Slugs wreak havoc in your garden, leaving irregular-shaped holes in leaves, stems, flowers, tubers, and bulbs, among other things. Wherever they go, they leave behind silvery slimy tracks. Slug control can be challenging, but this website has put together a list of six tips to help you get rid of them in your yard.

Slug control might be difficult, however organic slug pellets have been certified as a method of slug removal.

You can perhaps avoid the pellets wreaking havoc on your plants if you disperse them over the soil as soon as you detect them.

When slugs try to get through copper obstacles, they get a “electric shock.”

You may effectively safeguard your plants by using a copper barrier around them.

To keep slugs from climbing up your potted plants, wrap copper tape over the rims of the pots.

Slugs are infected with bacteria by microscopic nematodes.

Slugs are killed as a result of this, and it is an effective biological control that is irrigated into the soil.

From spring onwards, attempt to apply these controls in the evenings when the soil is warm and damp.

Slugs love bran and consume a lot of it, therefore they eat a lot of it.

They inflate and become dehydrated as a result, which slows them down.

Slugs can then be easily eaten by birds, removing them from your garden.

Mulch is a vital aspect of gardening because it helps your plants retain moisture while also protecting them from animals.

Horticultural grit repels slugs, making it impossible for them to travel over it.

Slugs will be deterred and your compost will stay moist if you put mulch at the base of your plants in the ground and in pots.

The stench of cheap beer attracts slugs.

Pour some beer into a container and place it in the ground, with the rim just above soil level, to make a slug trap.

To prevent other critters from falling in, fill the container halfway with beer and cover it with a loose lid.

Ensure that any slugs that have fallen into the pot are removed on a regular basis.


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