Six teams from ‘Street Woman Fighter’ will appear in Jessi’s ‘Cold Blooded’ music video.


Six teams from ‘Street Woman Fighter’ will appear in Jessi’s ‘Cold Blooded’ music video.

On October 12, Jessi will release her track ‘Cold Blooded,’ a duet with the dance crews competing in P Nation’s ‘Street Woman Fighter.’ From the second generation of K-pop, Jessi has been commanding the music world with her sass and charisma. Now, as more and more idols and groups continue to come on her weekly YouTube show, ‘Showterview with Jessi,’ and she also makes frequent appearances on a number of variety shows, her fame is growing by the day.

Jessi was recently seen on Mnet’s female dance group survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ in which she was joined by Psy, a K-pop sensation and the CEO of the label that oversees Jessi, as well as second-generation sensation CL. Jessi revealed a cooperation with all six teams on the show shortly after her appearance on the show became viral.

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Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ will include Jay Park and Jo Kwon as special guests.

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has been chastised for apologizing for Adhan: ‘It’s not music,’ says the narrator. ‘Cold Blooded’ by Jessi Jessie and the six ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crews have officially announced one of the best K-pop collaborations ever. P Nation announced the debut of a new music video, and Jessi turned to social media to announce the single’s release. The collaboration was initially publicized when Jessi shared a photo of a dalgona sweet with her face inscribed on it. Due to its appearance in the globally acclaimed K-drama ‘Squid Game,’ the candy has become highly popular. Jessi released the first official teaser for her single ‘Cold Blooded’ on October 8, which will include all six of the survival show’s squads. As the chorus melody of ‘Cold Blooded’ plays in the background, Jessi and the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crews YGX, Lachika, Hook, Holly Bang, Coca N Butter, and Proudman Crew all appear one by one.

‘Cold Blooded’ will feature all six crews.

Jessi’s teaser showed all six crews revealing their individualism while revealing their overwhelming vibe. The single ‘Cold Blooded’ is also the semi-final mission song for the survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ and it appears to be a highly addicting song that combines current, urban music with snappy, trap sounds from the hip-hop genre.

The music video teaser draws attention to the song by featuring dance performances based on the dancers featured in ‘Street Woman Fighter.’ ‘Cold Blooded,’ featuring Street Woman. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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