Six African countries have been added to England’s no-fly list due to new Covid variant concerns.


Six African countries have been placed on England’s no-fly list due to new Covid variant concerns.

Because of concerns about a new COVID-19 variant, SOUTH AFRICA will be placed on England’s rest list.

It’s widely considered to be the worst variant ever discovered.

The variant, which was discovered on Tuesday, initially raised concerns due to the “extremely high humber” of mutations it contains.

It is thought to be more transmissible, putting the country on England’s red travel list.

Officials are reviewing a number of travel measures, including whether there should be a limited reintroduction of the use of PCR tests for arrivals, in addition to placing the country on the red list and banning flights from Friday.

This is due to the fact that their results can be checked for variants.

Although no cases have been identified in the UK, public health teams are contacting hundreds of people who have recently arrived from the country.

In South Africa, there have been nearly 100 confirmed cases, but the country’s health minister believes there are many more due to an increase in cases.

“UK Health Security Agency is investigating a new variant,” Sajid Javid tweeted.

More information is required, but we are currently taking precautions.

“Six African countries will be added to the red list at noon tomorrow, flights will be temporarily suspended, and UK visitors will be required to quarantine.”

“In my opinion, the UK should get ahead of this right now,” University College London professor Christina Pagel said.

“As far as we know, it hasn’t arrived.”

“Because of the UK’s status as an international travel hub, the UK’s relatively few restrictions, and the worrying signs from South Africa, adding South Africa and its close neighbors to the red list appears sensible. We must act now or risk it being too late.”

“We have one of the largest genomic sequencing programs here in the UK that allows us to spot and track variants as they emerge,” a No 10 spokesperson said. “We will continue to keep an eye and keep this particular variant under investigation, as we have done throughout the pandemic.”

“We will continue to keep the latest situation, the latest scientific evidence and data, under review, as we have done throughout the pandemic,” the spokesperson said when asked about travel restrictions in relation to this variant.

“As we’ve said before, we’ll take action if we believe it’s necessary, but.”

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