‘Sister Wives’ is a show about two women who Robyn Brown was labeled a “villain” by fans when Kody’s past spouses blamed her for their divorce.


SISTER Wives fans slammed Robyn Brown for being the “villain” of the family and trying to “manipulate” her husband Kody and his other wives.

In the new trailer for the series, the 43-year-old’s fellow Sister Wives – Meri, Janelle, and Christine – blamed her for the family’s separation, and she got defensive and emotional in response.

Fans of the TLC reality show didn’t buy Robyn’s tears, though, and claimed she was only pretending in order to get people to feel bad for her and do whatever she wants them to do.

One user on Reddit gave the mother-of-five a nickname for all of her emotional moments, writing: “Sobyn is just….ugh! She needs to find something else to do other than crying bc she’s played it out.”

Another peeved fan said: “Wow. I REALLY hate Robyn now. She is the villain.

“She does not have that sweet persona like she did when she was first introduced to the family.”

A third wondered how Robyn still doesn’t think she’s at fault for any of the family’s issues, adding: “he’s great at trying to manipulate, but it’s obvious she took full advantage of COVID.”

Others hopped on to try to answer that question, with one replying: “Manipulative people like Robyn deny, deny, deny so they do not lose power or control over the one(s) they are using to conduct their manipulation.”

In the preview clip, the effects of COVID and quarantining separately take a toll on Kody and wives Christine, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn.

“You know what COVID’s brought out is how much we want to be a family,” Christine says in the video. “We’re not.”

She added: “I don’t think Kody wants to live together again. I think he wants to live separate.”

A tearful Robyn revealed just how damaged the family is during all this bickering: “It’s made me feel like the foundation that our family was built on is like, crumbling. I don’t know.”

The trailer also explored Robyn being the “head wife,” as she told her sister wives to stop being “suspicious” of her.

The new season will chronicle the Browns’ move to Flagstaff but whether Christine goes along for the ride is to be determined.

Christine blamed Robyn as one of the reasons, declaring: “Why would I want to live on the same property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there, (Kody’s) got a full-functioning marriage?

“Who would ever want to live like that?”

After recently selling her first Flagstaff home for $700,000, Christine made no secret of her desire to move back to Utah, especially now that polygamy has been decriminalized in her home state.

Kody was at first legally… Brinkwire Brief News.


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