Sir Roger Moore’s life story includes four marriages, health issues, and a royal tie.


Sir Roger Moore’s life story includes four marriages, health issues, and a royal tie.

Sir Roger Moore would have turned 94 today, so we’re looking back at his tumultuous life – from tragedy to true love – here at Brinkwire.

Sir Roger Moore would have turned 94 this year, but he died four years ago after a “short but valiant” battle.

When he died in 2017, the legendary actor and former James Bond star was 89 years old.

We’re going to take a look back at Roger’s life, which was filled with love, laughter, illness, grief, and everything in between, here at Brinkwire.

From political correctness squabbles to a variety of health difficulties, meeting the love of his life, and unfortunately losing a stepdaughter, he has been through it all.

Continue reading to learn more about the renowned former 007’s life and times. Roger, happy birthday, and may you rest in peace.

Roger Moore was born in Stockwell, London, on October 14, 1927.

The future Bond was an only child who attended Battersea Grammar School before being relocated to Holsworthy, Devon, during WWII.

He moved on to Launceston College in Cornwall and Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Buckinghamshire for his secondary education.

Later, he worked as an apprentice at an animation company, but was sacked after making a mistake with some animation cels; however, he quickly returned to the media sector.

When his father was investigating a robbery at the home of film director Brian Desmond Hurst, a young Roger Moore was introduced to him.

Soon after, he was cast as an extra in the 1945 picture Caesar and Cleopatra.

Brian Desmond Hurst paid for Roger’s costs at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he spent three semesters, after gaining a following.

Throughout his life, Roger Moore faced a number of illnesses, but he never let pain or illness stop him from reaching his goals.

He had chickenpox, measles, mumps, double pneumonia, and jaundice as a child.

At the age of eight, he contracted a foreskin infection and underwent circumcision, as well as the removal of his appendix, tonsils, and adenoids.

Roger had kidney stones his whole life and had to go to the hospital twice while filming.

Roger was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993, but the disease was successfully treated and he recovered completely.

In 2003, he collapsed on stage while performing on Broadway, and he was equipped with a pacemaker as a result.


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